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24 Hours of PASS Recordings - Pre/Post-Conference Speaker Sessions Available

The session recordings from 24 hours of PASS for the Pre/Post-Conference Speakers at PASS Summit have been made available on the SQL PASS Website.  It’s not very intuitive where exactly you have to click on the landing page they provide so I thought I’d make it easier by providing a copy of the correct link here:

Pre/Post-Conference Sneak Peeks

Speakers available in this set of 6 recorded sessions include:

Analyzing File and Wait Statistics (Andrew Kelly) 58 minutes
What's Simple about Simple Recovery Model (Kalen Delaney) 56 minutes
Reporting from Analysis Services Cubes Using Excel 2007 (Peter Myers) 61 minutes
Data Warehousing: Laying the Foundation to Success (Erik Veerman) 59 minutes
SQLCLR or T-SQL? A Brief Survey of Performance Options (Adam Machanic) 57 minutes
Loading a Data Warehouse in SSIS (Brian Knight) 57 minutes

The Q&A sessions after the presentation are included in the recordings so stick around if you have a question and see if it gets answered as a part of the session.  The remaining sessions will be made completely available after PASS Summit.

Published Wednesday, September 09, 2009 8:32 PM by Jonathan Kehayias
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Andrew V said:

Thank you so much for posting this!  After about 10 emails requesting surveys for the 24H of PASS, I was getting frustrated that I couldn't find the recordings for the sessions I had missed.

September 10, 2009 12:31 PM
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