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SQL Quiz: My relative path to Geekdom

I got tagged in another SQL Quiz going around, this time by Mr. Denny (Blog/Twitter).  I tried to come up with some kind of witty title for this post and as usual I lacked the ability.  My wife recommended using a story like the guy on The Guardian,

Emily Thomas: How does Jake Fischer become a guy who wants to jump out of helicopters?
Jake Fischer: I killed a couple guys and had to get out of Dodge.
Emily Thomas: You're lying.
Jake Fischer: There is that possibility.
Emily Thomas: The truth?
Jake Fischer: My bull riding career was going down the drain.

The problem with that is that I can’t really even pull that one off either.  I’ve blogged about this for the most part back in June on a thread title Luck, Preparation, and Opportunity, but I’ll provide a bit more background here. 

I like to think of myself as one of those people that will be successful at whatever I am doing.  I don’t know how to do something part way, I have always been an all or nothing type of person.  My start in IT dates back to when my dad brought home our very first computer, which was the infamous Radio Shack TRS-80.  My brothers and I got the computer, a tape recorder, a couple of cassette tapes, and a box of books.  For fun, my dad loaded a game off of one of the tapes that came with the computer and played it in front of us, then told us if we wanted to play games, we had to learn how to write them using the books.  My dad worked in IT in the Navy at the time, and little did he know that he was planting the seeds of IT success for two of his five children.

My older brother and I really got into programming in Basic and we used to tag team working on a couple of our own games.  We eventually got an upgrade to a TRS-80 with a built in monitor and two built in 5.25” floppy drives, and then later a 80386 Tandy machine that had a monochrome display, 2400 baud modem, and a whopping 40MB harddrive.  This machine should have been a sign of bad things to dad, because we learned how to connect it to the phone and then dial into local BBS systems.  I wish I knew how many times mom picked up the phone and heard the computer handshake and reported that the phone was broken again.

Anyway, back on subject, all that time programming in Basic, then QB4, lead to some work in HTML in highschool, then JavaScript, and eventually some ASP.  That along with my computer repair experience was enough to land a job working the internet helpdesk for a local startup in Gainesville, FL while working on my Associates Degree.  I worked my way through the ranks there and eventually ended up as the NT Administrator in charge of Windows Web Hosting.  For a number of reasons, I ended up leaving that company and spent a couple of years outside of IT before returning in 2004 as a Service Desk Administrator in Gainesville, FL this time while working on my Bachelors Degree.  I eventually transitioned into a Application Analyst position, followed by a Business Analyst position where I learned to read and write TSQL.  This eventually lead into being a database developer at the same company which later set me up for my current job as a Database Administrator.

All in all my foundation in IT dates back to my Dad forcing me to actually write my own code if I wanted to play games on a TRS-80.  I otherwise might not have had any interests in computers and wouldn’t have ever considered finding a job in IT.  I guess I’ll tag:

Kevin Kline (Blog/Twitter)
Joe Webb (Blog/Twitter)
Jacob Sebastian (Blog/Twitter)

Published Tuesday, September 8, 2009 1:14 AM by Jonathan Kehayias
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