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Ola Hallengren Releases New Version of Backup, Integrity Check and Index Optimization Scripts

Ola Hallengren’s Backup, Integrity Check and Index Optimization scripts are pretty famous.  They have been covered by SQL Server Magazine and they have been reviewed on the following blogs:

Aaron Bertrand's Blog
Chad Boyd's Blog
Greg Low's Blog
Kevin Kline's Blog
Kimberly Trip's Blog
Paul Randal's Blog
Satya SK Jayanty's Blog
SQL Server Central
SQL Server Magazine
Tibor Karaszi's Blog

I never personally provided a review because of all of this, but I have often recommended these scripts of the MSDN forums because they are extremely thorough and very comprehensive.  Yesterday Ola shot me an email stating that he has a new version that he published over the weekend.  If you haven’t already checked this set of scripts out, I’d highly recommend it.

Published Wednesday, August 26, 2009 6:25 AM by Jonathan Kehayias


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