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The Rambling DBA: Jonathan Kehayias

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OT: Away until April 26th.....

For those that read my blog regularly, you've probably noticed that I haven't been posting for the last two weeks.  While I am in general a techno-geek most of the time, I also have a second career in the Army Reserves as well.  I am currently attending Drill Sergeant School for the US Army Reserves which is a two month long, live in course that is nine weeks long at Ft. Jackson, SC.  I complete my second week of training March 14, 2009, and it has been a very long two weeks. 

It is by far one of the most challenging things I have done yet in life, and it is definitely worth every minute of it.  The last two weeks have been very busy getting acclimatized to South Carolina weather, which is very different than South Florida, and getting used to doing Army PT every day.  Tasks/blocks of instruction are taught during the day, and then at night we are randomly assigned a task/module to learn and re-teach back the next morning.  Needless to say my time has been filled with a lot of memorize and regurgitate, and a lot of sleepless nights, but I completed the last one today, so the "hardest" (so I've heard) part of the course is now over.

A little background on the school for those who don't know anything about it.  The Drill Sergeant Program was started in 1963 at Ft Jackson as a pilot program for trainee instructors to improve the training and standards of the Noncommissioned Officers performing recruit training.  The program is nine weeks long and is essentially a repeat of Basic Training in three phases lasting three weeks each.  The big difference is that training is focused on learning how to train/teach soldiers, instructing and demonstrating marching and weapons drills, conducting physical training, and how to teach/instruct other required blocks of instruction to provide the basic skills required of all soldiers in the Army.  Contrary to what Hollywood would like you to think, it isn't all about screaming and yelling.

Short of emergency emails from work, I haven't been able to do anything IT related, and I know that I have a big backlog of emails, comments, and forums post notifications that I will have to work through when I get back.  If you have contacted me through this blog, my old blog, or one of the private message/contact features on my sites, trust that I am not ignoring you completely (well I am, but it is a necessary evil for me to currently do).  I will get to everything as I get time off and the training schedule slows down a bit.

The only reason I can post this blog is that I wrote it offline and then let it try to upload over my cell phone tethered.  It should be faster but it isn't getting good reception here.

Published Friday, March 13, 2009 10:12 PM by Jonathan Kehayias
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