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The Rambling DBA: Jonathan Kehayias

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Released: SQL Server 2008 Extended Events Manager Build

I checked in an update release of the Extended Events Manager and source code onto CodePlex this evening.  The following changes are included in this release of the application:


  • Updated Scripting Logic to Reduce Script Errors
    • Added checks for required components
    • All script errors now raise ArgumentException's for invalid arguements.
    • All UI calls into Library corrected to use GenerateSQLScript() method only.
  • Update ServerObjectExplorer to do Node Level Refresh
    • Begin removal of Full Tree Refresh for every Refresh() call.
    • Refresh is now at Server or Session Level.
  • Target Data can now be "Streamed" into GridView via Auto-Refresh.
    • Auto-Refresh is only active if the TargetViewer is the active form.
    • Configurable Refresh Rate in seconds.
    • Utilizes Background Workers to keep UI functional.
  • Began additions of State management for the application
    • ServerList in New Connection Form maintains last 10 server history.
    • ServerList will AutoComplete off the last 10 server history.
    • Window Location, Size, and State are persisted in configuration file.
    • DockPanel Layouts are saved in XML layout file.
  • Extended Error Handling to include a output file to log errors that are unhandled in the application.
  • New Properties panel that allows viewing and changing most parts of Event Sessions without having to enter into the Editor Form.  There are some Collection update issues with the Properties Panel currently, but it is included because of the added details it provides.

    The newest version can be downloaded from:


    If you have used or are currently using this application and you have recommendations or ideas for how to improve it, please leave feedback on the CodePlex project as a Discussion or Issue.  If you encounter an unhandled exception that generates a ErrorLog.txt file, please open a issue and provide the contents of the exception output in it so it can be corrected.

    This will be the last update on the application for a while do to other obligations in March and April, but I will pickup on it again in May.

    Published Thursday, February 26, 2009 12:11 AM by Jonathan Kehayias
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    Tony Rogerson said:

    Really useful add-in - thanks Jonathan; be sure to credit yourself on codeplex though because its not clear who wrote it!

    Am going to demo this today at a MS conference I'm presenting on Managability - this really makes extended events usable.


    September 29, 2009 3:26 AM
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