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John Paul Cook

Your Personal Health in Information Technology

How is your health? How is your job in information technology affecting your health? I want to know! Since I started blogging here almost a decade ago as a new Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, I’ve become a registered nurse and now I’m a full-time psychiatric nurse practitioner student.

There are articles and studies purporting that information technology is a low stress career field. Other articles and studies say that information technology is a high stress career field. I found articles that predated the emergence of the cloud claiming that IT is low stress. Has the cloud changed that? Are you stressed about the rate of change in IT? Or are you not stressed specifically because you have only a few years until retirement from your slowly moving company and you can be oblivious to the rate of change outside of your company? Do you find the rate of change invigorating and the perfect antidote to the monotony of endlessly churning out mundane code?

Remember the other definition of DBA – Doing Business All night. Do you check email after hours? Do you feel like you’re never done? When I work as a nurse, I thoroughly enjoy clocking out at the end of my shift because I’m done. That’s it. No encroachment of that job into my personal time.

How is your weight? Are you exercising? What are you eating? How much are you sleeping? Do you worry about job security? Do you yearn for more social interaction in your job or is it what you are comfortable with? Are you frustrated by your job or work environment? How do you deal with the frustrations?

In school I have to write papers about various topics. I’m wondering if it would be a good use of my time to investigate mental health among IT professionals. Please comment or contact me directly.

Published Sunday, July 30, 2017 3:41 PM by John Paul Cook


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About John Paul Cook

John Paul Cook is a database and Azure specialist in Houston. He previously worked as a Data Platform Solution Architect in Microsoft's Houston office. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was a SQL Server MVP. He is experienced in SQL Server and Oracle database application design, development, and implementation. He has spoken at many conferences including Microsoft TechEd and the SQL PASS Summit. He has worked in oil and gas, financial, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. John is also a registered nurse recently completed the education to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Contributing author to SQL Server MVP Deep Dives and SQL Server MVP Deep Dives Volume 2. Connect on LinkedIn

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