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John Paul Cook

Silently booting Windows 7 on a MacBook

After using Boot Camp to install Windows 7 on a MacBook Pro, it is annoying to hear an Apple chime every time the machine is booted. It is easy to remedy. Although the noise is made before booting into an operating system (either Apple’s or Microsoft’s), suppressing it requires booting into Apple’s OS and changing a setting. Below you will see the screen captures showing you what to do.

Pressing the mute button on the MacBook Pro keyboard when booting does not prevent the Apple chime when running Boot Camp. It was suggested that plugging in earphones will direct the bootup chime sound to the earphones instead of the speakers, but that doesn’t actually prevent the chime from the speakers to the earphones. Muting the sound as shown below is the only solution I found that works.

Windows 7 works great on great hardware. My quad core 17” 1920x1200 matte screen MacBook Pro with 4 GB of ram and an SSD cost me $2,634.81, not counting the 2% cash back from my credit card. Although the cost is high, so is the value. The machine is light, has great battery life, is rugged, and has excellent performance. You can upgrade a MacBook Pro to 8 GB of ram by purchasing two 4 GB DIMMs from Crucial, which are $53.99 at today’s price. Other World Computing offers 12 GB and 16 GB upgrade kits, which are sizes not officially supported by Apple and cost hundreds of dollars.


Figure 1. Screen capture from Lion showing how to select the System Preferences.


Figure 2. System Preferences window. Click the Sound icon.


Figure 3. Sound Window. Select the Output tab. Check the Mute checkbox to stop the Apple chime on bootup.

Published Saturday, September 10, 2011 10:51 AM by John Paul Cook

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