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John Paul Cook

SQL Server 2008 Spatial Data

Once you start investigating SQL Server 2008 spatial features, you quickly discover that there are three problems:

  1. Loading useful data.
  2. Writing spatial queries.
  3. Seeing the results.

It's very easy to experience scope creep while sorting things out. For the absolute novice beginner, it's best to keep things simple. Loading real world datasets is something that can be deferred until a later day. The examples in SQL Server Books Online are simple and demonstrate what can be done. So, to get started, the only missing piece is a tool to let you see the query results visually. Free is a very appealing price point, so I recommend downloading and using Morton Nielsen's free viewer.


Published Tuesday, January 22, 2008 12:21 AM by John Paul Cook

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ktegels said:

Morten also has a Shape File to SQL Server tool data thats very useful for problem number one. So is SSIS, but it takes some code.

Querying is the fun thing to learn, I agree, but once you have the OGC methods down, its pretty cool.

Visualization is key thing. Somebody with a big brain is going to figure out how to render maps in Reporting Services. And they are going to make a pretty penny selling it... :)

January 23, 2008 4:48 PM

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