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Joe Chang

Relativity e-discovery on SQL Server

Back in late 2011 to early 2012, I was asked to look into issues for a SQL Server system supporting kCura Relativity. Relativity is an e-discovery platform, that is, a document search management system frequently used for document discovery is legal cases. So it also has auditing to prove that a search was done.

Normally I would post items both here and on my own website. Now it is my nature to say things that others find to be not entirely polite (see my previous post) and I am too old to change. So to avoiding hurting the feelings of too many people, I am not posting the details of my findings of Relativity on SQL Server here.

The link is on my site,, which does not get much traffic, in the Optimizer section.

Here is the direct link


Still, I would like hear from SQL people who support Relativity. Of course other people have different conclusions. So it is always important to fully examine the information to make an assessment on technical merit. Avoid judgment based solely on the reputation of the author.

Published Friday, April 26, 2013 3:18 PM by jchang

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