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Jamie Thomson

This is the blog of Jamie Thomson, a data mangler in London working for Dunnhumby

Really useful Excel keyboard shortcuts

I love me a good keyboard shortcut and there’s some I would like to use in Excel all the time if only I could darn well remember them.

CTRL+ Spacebar   Select the entire column containing the currently selected cell(s)
Shift + Spacebar   Select the entire row containing the currently selected cell(s)
CTRL + ‘+’   Insert cells
CTRL + ‘-’   Delete cells

If you combine these you’ll find they become really powerful. For example, CTRL+Spacebar followed by CTRL + ‘+’ inserts a new column into a worksheet (which is what I wanted to do this morning when I began googling this).

I figured the only way I will ever ingrain these into my muscle memory is if I write them down somewhere, nowhere better than on my blog.

If you’re a fellow keyboard shortcut fetishist and want to share any obscure ones that you know of then I’m all ears, please put them in the comments below.


Published Friday, December 6, 2013 10:28 AM by jamiet

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gm said:

Ctrl-PageUp - Next Worksheet

Ctrl-PageDown - Previous Worksheet

December 6, 2013 6:54 AM

jbooker said:

Not obscure but...

ctrl + apostrophe - append value from cell above to current cell value

ctrl + semi - append current date to current cell value

ctrl + colon - append current time to current cell value

These all work in MS Access as well.

December 6, 2013 10:13 AM

Peter Schott said:

CTRL+Shift+L turns on the filters for the current set.

What I'd love to find is a good shortcut that uses the same date format as the one chosen when you set the Short Date. There is a shortcut for formatting dates, but it doesn't use that same date format. Sadly, it doesn't seem like one exists. It would be useful for when the datetime columns are copied in, but just show the time portion.

December 6, 2013 6:28 PM

JMarten said:

I struggled with the inserting columns and rows shortcuts until I came upon Alt +IC to insert a column and Alt+ IR to insert a row.

December 7, 2013 8:41 AM

Julie Quick said:

Ctrl + g + Alt + s + y  (visible cells only)

Ctrl + g + Alt + s + k  (blanks cells only)

December 7, 2013 8:43 AM

Julie Quick said:

Ctrl + g + Alt + s + y  (visible cells only)

Ctrl + g + Alt + s + k  (blanks cells only)

December 7, 2013 8:43 AM

JMarten said:

I too struggle with the Excel built in shortcut for date formatting.

Control + Shift + # gives me a  dd-mm-yy format. And what I wanted was something like m/d/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy.

My solution was to record a one line macro like this

Selection.NumberFormat = "m/d/yyyy"

and then assign it to a keyboard shortcut, in my case Control+Shift+ M

works pretty well.

December 7, 2013 9:38 AM

Lee Hawthorn said:

Ctrl+shift+f3   = create named ranges from header

Alt,e,s,v  =  replace formula with value

Saved me countless hours

December 8, 2013 3:19 PM

Bryant Byrd said:

Keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2010 from (also includes links to printable PDF reference cards):

And the 2013 version:

The reference cards aren't as fun to post at your desk as pin-up girls but they are much less likely to get you in trouble with HR.

December 9, 2013 10:39 AM

Dan said:

Alt then 0223 displays the ß symbol

December 13, 2013 10:14 AM

Dave Bruns said:

I've always liked Toggle Autofilter (Win: Ctrl Shift L, Mac: ⌘ ⇧ F) because you can use it to clear all filters and "reset" a list without fiddling with the individual filters.

We have a list of over 200 Excel shortcuts here:

Both Windows and Mac, listed side-by side.

April 14, 2014 2:21 PM

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