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Jamie Thomson

This is the blog of Jamie Thomson, a data mangler in London working for Dunnhumby

Documenting sp_ssiscatalog

What is the best way to document an API? Moreover, what is the best way to document a T-SQL API?

Before I try to answer those questions I should explain what I mean by “a T-SQL API”. I think of an API as being a collection of well-defined, known, code modules that provide some notion of a service to whomever uses it; in T-SQL terms I tend to think of a collection of stored procedures and functions as a form of API. Its a loose definition, I admit, and in SQL Server circles we don’t tend to think of stored procedures collectively as an API but if you think about it that’s exactly what they are.

The question of how to document a T-SQL API came to my mind as I worked on sp_ssiscatalog. How could I make it easy for people to learn about the capabilities of sp_ssiscatalog without forcing them to dig through the code and find out for themselves? My opening gambit was to write documentation pages on the wiki at That’s kinda useful but it does suffer the disadvantage that someone using sp_ssiscatalog needs to go visit a webpage to read it – I want the documentation to be available wherever the user is using sp_ssiscatalog. Moreover, maintaining the wiki is a real PITA. Intellisense works up to a point, I guess:


but that only shows whatever SQL Server knows about the various parameters, which isn’t all that much!

I wanted a better way for my API users to learn about its capabilities and so I hit upon the idea of simply using PRINT statements within the code itself to inform the user what options are available; hence I added such PRINT statements in the latest check-in. Now when you execute (for example):

EXEC sp_ssiscatalog @operation_type='execs'

you can hit F6 a few times to view the messages pane and you shall see something like this:


Notice that I’m returning information about all the parameters that can be used to affect the results that just got returned. I really do think this will be very useful to anyone using sp_ssiscatalog; I myself am always forgetting what the parameters are and I wrote the damn thing so I can’t really expect anyone else to remember them.

I have not yet made available a release that has these changes in it but when I do I’ll blog about it right here. At the time of writing the latest available release of sp_ssiscatalog is DB v1.0.1.0 but if you want to the latest and greatest simply download it straight from source.

Feedback is welcome as always.


Published Wednesday, December 5, 2012 12:19 AM by jamiet
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SSIS Junkie said:

v1.0.2.0 – what’s in it? Things have been a bit quiet on the sp_ssiscatalog front since I last blogged

March 11, 2013 6:51 PM

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