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Jamie Thomson

This is the blog of Jamie Thomson, a data mangler in London working for Dunnhumby

SSIS Reporting Pack v0.2 now available

In December 2010 I announced in a blog post Introducing SSIS Reporting Pack for SQL Server code-named Denali that I planned to provide a series of reports that visualised information held in the SSIS Catalog in SQL Server Denali – I called these reports the SSIS Reporting Pack. At that time SSIS Reporting Pack was a precursor to what I really wanted to provide because the reports were built upon the SSIS Catalog from Denali CTP1; Denali CTP3 brought with it a whole heap of changes to the SSIS Catalog (read more at SSIS Logging in Denali) and accordingly SSIS Reporting Pack has been enhanced dramatically.

Download and Install

You can always download the latest release of SSIS Reporting Pack from In the release that I am announcing today (v0.2) the reports are delivered in an msi installer rather than simply a zip file as they were before, use the installer to easily make the  reports available in whatever location you require:


After installation you will have a folder containing all the report project artefacts.


Open SSISReportingPack.rptproj in Visual Studio just as you would any other Reporting Services project from where you can deploy the reports to your Denali report server of choice. You will need to edit the data source (SSISCatalog.rds) to point to your SSIS Catalog (i.e. the [SSISDB] database). If you do not have your own instance of the SSIS Catalog database ([SSISDB]) but still wish to evaluate SSIS Reporting Pack I have made a copy of [SSISDB] available on SQL Azure that can be accessed using the following credentials:













The Reports

As I said above the reports have been changed in order to leverage the new additions to the SSIS Catalog in CTP3. The main enhancement I want to draw your attention to is the rich navigation of log data that is now provided


Notice that the log messages are now contextual, each message is shown against the executable that raised the message which in turn is indented indicating its position in the executable hierarchy. I expect this to be of great benefit when navigating package execution logs which, prior to Denali, was very difficult due to it essentially being a long flat list of messages.

SSIS Reporting Pack also has the ability to visualise the duration of each excutable:


In the simple example highlighted here by the red box we can see that iteration 3 of the For Each Loop “FEL Loop over top performing regions” took considerably longer than the two previous iterations; SSIS Reporting Pack gives us the tools we need to drill in and find out exactly where and why that slow down occurred.


Those are two of the main new features of SSIS Reporting Pack but there is lots more to discover so if you are evaluating SSIS in Denali I encourage you to download SSIS Reporting Pack and use it to learn about the plethora of data that is available in the SSIS Catalog. Please do bear in mind that this is still an early release so there are still lots of improvements to be made in the future; you can suggest improvements or report bugs either in the comments section below or (preferably) on the Discussions page at


Published Sunday, September 4, 2011 3:57 PM by jamiet

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In September 2011 I published a blog post SSIS Reporting Pack v0.2 now available in which I made available

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SSIS Reporting Pack is a suite of reports that I maintain at that

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