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James Luetkehoelter

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A note to those going to the PASS conference

For those of you lucky enough to be able to go to the PASS conference in Seattle this week, I have some advice (which you may take graciously or throw aside with contempt - up to you): try not to learn too much.

The great thing about the PASS conference is that there are so many sessions, so many great speakers and so many topics that you are quite litereally unable to find a time where you couldn't be attending a session, doing online labs or visiting Ask The Experts areas. If you've been there before, I think you'll agree it can be overwhelming. If you haven't been there before, hang on for the ride.

With so much information, it actually can be difficult to take away concrete knowledge that you can use in your everyday job. Here's some advice:

When you go to a session, write down the numbers 1) 2) and 3). Find 3 items in that session that really spark something in your thinking or touch on something that hasn't occurred to you. If you learn more, great. However, getting a good solid 3 points a session is nothing to sneeze at. If you try to take it all in, less will stick. Instead, find the hidden gems that really stick in you head and hold on to them - they rest as they say is gravy.

Published Sunday, October 9, 2011 7:46 PM by James Luetkehoelter


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