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Snapshot isolation: A threat for integrity? (Part 1)

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Published Friday, July 21, 2006 8:40 PM by Hugo Kornelis

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SELECT Hints, Tips, Tricks FROM Hugo Kornelis WHERE RDBMS = 'SQL Server' said:

Part two of this series is now online. I expect to do at least two more entries, though I don't know when.
July 26, 2006 11:13 AM

SELECT Hints, Tips, Tricks FROM Hugo Kornelis WHERE RDBMS = 'SQL Server' said:

Part three of this series is now also online.
August 25, 2006 11:18 AM

SELECT Hints, Tips, Tricks FROM Hugo Kornelis WHERE RDBMS = 'SQL Server' said:

The fourth and final installment of this series is now available

September 15, 2006 1:59 PM

Louis Davidson said:

Very nice.  I hadn't noticed this one myself.  I had warned against using snapshot for writers anyhow, though this makes it a bit more safe anyhow.  If you are using triggers for any data validation, it wouldn't be so smart.
September 18, 2006 6:12 PM

Hugo Kornelis said:

Hi Louis,

Thanks for your comment. :-)

You're right about the trigger not being so smart - but the person writing the trigger can be. I've covered that in parts two and three (but I bet you've already found them).
September 21, 2006 12:34 PM

Tony Rogerson said:

Hi Hugo,

I wish I'd come across this entry, it answers a question that I've just blogged about myself - I wondered why the FK look up still blocked with READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT and ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION and reading your entry it makes complete sense.

My particular problem was to do with when the table is a heap you don't block, when its clustered you do block which is the behaviour I go through.

Good work Hugo!!


March 30, 2007 10:24 AM

Tony Rogerson's ramblings on SQL Server said:

In this entry I look at Foreign Key look ups and why you get blocking when the referenced table has a clustered index and no blocking when the table is a heap. I use Profiler to show locks acquired / released and we look at DBCC PAGE to identity what

March 30, 2007 10:45 AM

Kalen Delaney said:

After reading Hugo’s post about when snapshot isolation doesn’t really live up to its promise , I decided

May 23, 2007 9:33 AM

mjswart said:

Extremely late comment, but I'm curious. You said: "writers do block readers if those readers are tasked with checking a foreign key constraint."

If they're tasked with checking a foreign key constraint, (connection two in your example) doesn't that make them a writer? In my head Readers are connections that only do SELECTs and writers are connections that do INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE.

March 30, 2010 1:53 PM

tobi said:

This blocking problem is not due to snapshot isolation. In all isolation levels, the "parent" end of an FK constraints must be stabilized for the duration of the DML statement.

July 10, 2012 6:36 PM

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