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Greg Low (The Bit Bucket: IDisposable)

Ramblings of Greg Low (SQL Server MVP, MCM and Microsoft RD) - SQL Down Under

Skype support and dead parrot sketches

We as an industry have a lot to answer for. One thing is the level of support provided for users. Here's the conversation I'm having with Skype right now. It feels like being in a Monty Python skit. I was really hoping that when Microsoft purchased Skype that things might improve.


8:33:44 PM greglow

Initial Question/Comment: Subscriptions (Unlimited Country, Unlimited Europe, Unlimited Region, Unlimited World)

8:33:44 PM System

Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!

8:33:49 PM System

Donna Faye has joined this session!

8:33:50 PM System

Connected with Donna Faye

8:33:50 PM System

Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!

8:33:54 PM System

Please hold for the next available Live Support Agent.

8:33:59 PM Donna Faye

Hello! Welcome to Skype Live Support! My name is Donna L. How may I help you?

8:34:09 PM greglow

I've got a subscription (skypename greglow)

8:34:21 PM greglow

It's set to auto-renew

8:34:45 PM greglow

Why have I been getting messages about my Skype number expiring, if it's set to renew automatically

8:34:54 PM greglow

and has recently renewed automatically

8:35:09 PM Donna Faye

Thank you for the information.

8:35:29 PM Donna Faye

To better assist you may I know your Skype name, please?

8:35:37 PM greglow


8:35:44 PM Donna Faye

Thank you.

8:36:14 PM Donna Faye

I understand your concern that you receive an email notification stating that your calling subscription will about to expire. Am I right?

8:36:43 PM greglow

No, I got an email telling me that one of my Skype numbers was going to expire

8:37:08 PM greglow

When I went to the website, it said it was part of the subscription and the subscription was set to auto-renew

8:37:18 PM greglow

The subscription auto-renewed on Oct XXth

8:37:24 PM greglow

But the number still expired

8:37:43 PM greglow

When I logged on today, it said that the number had expired and that I had 52 days left to reactivate it

8:37:58 PM greglow

I did that but am trying to understand why that happens at all

8:38:36 PM greglow

Why do you expire numbers that are part of auto-renewing subscriptions?

8:39:49 PM Donna Faye

Upon checking your account, your calling subscription link to three Online Numbers.

8:39:55 PM greglow


8:40:10 PM greglow

but until an hour or so ago, one of them had expired. why?

8:40:54 PM Donna Faye

Let me explain to you that now Online Number are detach to a calling subscription unlike before it was attach to the calling subscription so therefore each Online Number will recur individually.

8:41:29 PM Donna Faye

Upon checking your account it shows that all your Online Number will expire on October XX, 2013

8:41:44 PM Donna Faye

If you don't want to be charged again for you can cancel it anytime.

8:41:59 PM greglow

I have set it to charge automatically

8:42:06 PM greglow

so why do the numbers expire?

8:42:32 PM Donna Faye

No they are not expired they are all active.

8:42:33 PM greglow

if there is an automatic payment set up, why does anything expire?

8:42:52 PM greglow

yes, but one of them was expired, and I only fixed it a few hours ago

8:43:07 PM greglow

I'm trying to understand why it expired

8:44:54 PM Donna Faye

The email you got just notify you that you should have good enough funding source of your calling subscription and Online Number in order for this to recur.

8:45:12 PM greglow

Agreed. I did that but the number still expired. Why?

8:45:38 PM Donna Faye

However do not worry on this hence all Online Number are active and not expired.

8:45:41 PM greglow

When I logged on today it said that the number had expired and that I had 52 days left to reactivate it. Why did that happen?

8:46:14 PM Donna Faye

May I know the Online Number you are pertaining, please?

The number that had expired was (07) XXXX XXXX (Australia)

8:49:19 PM Donna Faye

Okay, do not worry on this Online Number because this will expire on October XX, 2013.

8:49:38 PM Donna Faye

Thank you for all the information.

8:49:46 PM greglow

I understand that it won't expire now until next year. I'm trying to understand why it stopped working this time

8:49:51 PM greglow

so I can avoid that next time

8:50:39 PM Donna Faye

What do yo stop working, you mean that Online Number is unable to be reach out?

8:50:59 PM Donna Faye

*what do you mean by stop working

8:51:18 PM greglow

The Skype number +61 7 XXXX XXXX stopped working because it expired

8:51:32 PM Donna Faye

No, this into expired.

8:51:34 PM greglow

I'm trying to understand why it expired

8:51:50 PM greglow

Sorry I don't follow "this into expired"

8:52:39 PM Donna Faye

Let me inform you that this Online Number is not expired.

8:52:54 PM Donna Faye

Please disregard the notification you see on your Skype account.

8:53:02 PM greglow

Sorry, this is getting very frustrating. I already told you I fixed it today. I want to know why it happened.

8:53:20 PM Donna Faye

Hence I can rest assured you that this is active until October XX, 2013.

8:53:21 PM greglow

So I can avoid it happening again, on this account, or on our other accounts

8:53:34 PM greglow

Can I speak to someone who really understands this please?

Donna Faye

Skype send a notification to Skype users for their Skype product in order for them to be aware the expiration of your product however your Online Number still active on your account hence when your calling subscription Unlimited World recur your Online Number also recur.
8:57:59 PM Donna Faye
I do apologize for this matter, please allow me to resolve this issue for you.
9:02:48 PM greglow
My question is still the same: if it's set to auto-pay, why did it expire?
9:03:50 PM greglow
Why did it stop working? Why did I have to "reactivate" it?
9:04:08 PM greglow
Why didn't it just keep working if it's set to auto-pay?
9:04:30 PM greglow
This isn't a difficult concept
9:04:34 PM Donna Faye
Let me clarify to you that this is not the really expired what is emphasizing on this is when you don't have good enough funding source when you calling subscription recur the Online Number will possibly expired but seem that you have a good funding source then this will continue until 2013.
9:05:10 PM greglow
When I logged on today, it was not working, and your website said it had expired and that I had 52 days left to reactivate it
9:05:17 PM greglow

and so on, and so on, and so on....


Published Wednesday, November 21, 2012 8:56 PM by Greg Low

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RockyH said:

I feel for you Greg. I have had similar conversations with Telstra.

November 21, 2012 6:03 AM

Gary said:

Anybody remember Liza? 8)

November 21, 2012 7:28 AM

Tony said:

Reminds me of talking to Dell support

November 21, 2012 7:29 AM

Rob said:

OMG.  I suppose there's no way to get a 'supervisor'?  It sounds like you were chatting with a bot.  

November 21, 2012 8:42 AM

SSIS Junkie said:

A few idle thoughts… Three months ago I had an issue regarding Windows Azure where I was unable to login

November 21, 2012 5:13 PM

Steve said:

Maybe you should have used Rosetta Stone ;)

November 22, 2012 12:22 AM

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