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Greg Low (The Bit Bucket: IDisposable)

Ramblings of Greg Low (SQL Server MVP, MCM and Microsoft RD) - SQL Down Under

The need for user-defined index types

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Published Wednesday, March 9, 2011 1:59 PM by Greg Low

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opc.three said:

Indexing calculated columns came to mind as I was reading your article...can you please elaborate on "One alternative is to promote properties of CLR data types via persisted calculated columns and then index those but that's somewhat awkward and more importantly, doesn't really do the same thing."?

March 9, 2011 1:12 PM

Greg Low said:

Hi, you can create a persisted calculated column that is based on retrieving a property or calling a method on a UDT. Those properties can then be indexed. While this is tedious to set up, it is useful to a degree. However, it's not the same as being able to index the data type directly. If you consider the spatial data types, ask yourself how much more powerful the spatial indexes are than an index on the lat and long properties.

March 9, 2011 6:40 PM

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