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Greg Low (The Bit Bucket: IDisposable)

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SQL Server 2008 R2: StreamInsight changes at RTM: HoppingWindow, TumblingWindow, SnapshotWindow

We've been working on updating our demos and samples for the RTM changes of StreamInsight. I'll detail these as I come across them.

The first is that there is a change to the HoppingWindow. The first two parameters are the same in the constructor but the third parameter is now required. It is the HoppingWindowOutputPolicy. Currently, there is only a single option for this which is ClipToWindowEnd.

A similar change happened to the TumblingWindow. Curiously, it also takes a HoppingWindowOutputPolicy. I suppose that makes sense though as it is really just a special case of a HoppingWindow.

SnapshotWindow also now has a required parameter but in this case it's a SnapshotWindowOutputPolicy. The option for this policy is just called Clip.

Here are some examples of creating HoppingWindow, TumblingWindow and SnapshotWindow.

var queryOutput = from w in input.HoppingWindow




                  select new { VehiclesPerMinute = w.Count() };


var queryOutput = from w in input.TumblingWindow



                  select new { VehiclesPer10Seconds = w.Count() };


var queryOutput = from w in input.SnapshotWindow


                  select new { VehiclesPerWhat = w.Count() };


Published Friday, May 7, 2010 2:54 PM by Greg Low

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