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SQL Server 2008's MERGE Statement

SQL Server 2008 provided us with some new T-SQL syntax; one of those that I am most excited about is the new MERGE statement. Gone are the days of IF....THEN logic to decide whether a row needs to be inserted, updated, or deleted. The MERGE allows you to take care of the logic and the insert all in one shot. What's more, you can compare an entire record set all at once instead of going row by row. Here's is a quick example of using MERGE.

MERGE tbl_address AS current_addresses
SELECT customer_objid = address_label, addressline1, addressline2, city, region, country, zipcode, is_deleted
FROM @addresses)
source_addresses(address_label, addressline1, addressline2, city, region, country, zipcode, is_deleted)
(current_addresses.address_label = source_addresses.address_label)
INSERT (address_label, addressline1, addressline2, city, region, country, zipcode)
VALUES (source_addresses.address_label, source_addresses.addressline1, source_addresses.addressline2,, source_addresses.region,, source_addresses.zipcode)

WHEN MATCHED AND source_addresses.is_deleted = 1 THEN

SET address_label=source_addresses.address_label, addressline1=source_addresses.addressline1, addressline2=source_addresses.addressline2,, region=source_addresses.region,, zipcode=source_addresses.zipcode;

The USING section defines the "new" data, in this case a table variable. The ON section defines the join between the new and the existing data. Finally you can have a series of MATCHED statements that do things like insert WHEN NOT MATCHED, update WHEN MATCHED, or delete WHEN MATCHED and some other values indicates delete. The possibilities are endless and the syntax is pretty clean. So take the time and experiment with MERGE, it will save you a little effort when conditionally updating and inserting data.

Published Thursday, March 4, 2010 10:00 AM by ejohnson2010
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John Q. Newman said:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, another satisfied customer of my world-famous "Code Formatting for Job Security" course!

March 4, 2010 11:42 AM

Mr. E said:

@John +1

March 4, 2010 12:06 PM
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