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Denis Gobo

Testing for SQL Server Vulnerabilities

I found this SQL Server Testing (not unit but vulnerability) page and decided I would post a link to it since it has some useful stuff. The link is below

Here is what is covered. Enjoy (or live in fear over the weekend)

1 Brief Summary
2 Short Description of the Issue
3 Black Box testing and example
3.1 SQL Server Peculiarities
3.2 Example 1: Testing for SQL Injection in a GET request.
3.3 Example 2: Testing for SQL Injection in a GET request (2).
3.4 Example 3: Testing in a POST request
3.5 Example 4: Yet another (useful) GET example
3.6 Example 5: custom xp_cmdshell
3.7 Example 6: Referer / User-Agent
3.8 Example 7: SQL Server as a port scanner
3.9 Example 8: Upload of executables
3.10 Obtain information when it is not displayed (Out of band)
3.11 Blind SQL injection attacks
3.11.1 Trial and error
3.11.2 In case more than one error message is displayed
3.11.3 Timing attacks
3.11.4 Checking for version and vulnerabilities
3.12 Example 9: bruteforce of sysadmin password
4 References 

Published Friday, May 2, 2008 1:27 PM by Denis Gobo
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Dr Tree said:

Denis - just as a follow up to your post - here's a thread from Tek-Tips:

May 5, 2008 8:42 AM

Brent Jenkins said:

I have a situation where I must use embedded sql only.

That means NO store procedures, parameterized queries, etc are allowed - period.

In other words, my hands are tied!

Anyhow, I wrote this routine to prevent SQL Injection.

I think this routine is bullet proof.

Can anybody break it?

Function getSafeValue(ByVal userInput As String) As String

 userInput = Trim(userInput)

 userInput = userInput.Replace("'", "''")

 userInput = userInput.Replace("""", "''")

 Return IIf(userInput = "", "NULL", "'" & userInput & "'")

End Function

September 22, 2008 4:53 PM
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