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Denis Gobo

Perfect way to manage a database project.........not!

I found this gem yesterday here:

here is the question

I have a situation where a person can have more then one item ordered. I need to layout the information as follows:

Person      Item Ordered      Item Description
1            1 of 2           Item1
1            2 of 2           Item2
2            1 of 1           Item1
3            1 of 3           Item3
3            2 of 3           Item2
3            3 of 3           Item1

The information is in the same table and Item Ordered is in relationship to Person instead of Item Description. I posted this same question on the Oracle forum, because the project is being done using two databases. Sql Server for development and Oracle for Production. I would like to get the SQL Server version of how to implement the select statement.

It gets better

Yes, it is crazy that two database are being used to develop the system, but the people who make the decisions claimed that in the preliminary stages Oracle was causing problems. So, they switched to SQL Server as the development database. Of course the end result it that the customer expects to implement Oracle. I suspect that someone was just too lazy to learn Oracle.

And better

I asked my manager why Oracle and SQL Server and she stated that they were having load balancing issues (whatever that means). And when errors occured they were not sure how to fix them and it took too much time. At the beginning of the project there may not have been enough Oracle talent to tackle the problems. The Oracle talent available has been here for about 4 years before the project started. So, I wonder how much knowlege they DO have. I feel that an consultant should have been invested in. So, right now when stuff is put into testing for production we have to flip-flop between SQL Server and Oracle.

What? Who came up with that reason? This is just incredible. What do you think?

Published Thursday, July 26, 2007 9:08 AM by Denis Gobo



Jamie Thomson said:

I'm utterly stunned. Are there people in the world that are really this stupid?

I'm thankful. As long as there are stupid people in big corporations they'll always have a need for consultants :)

July 26, 2007 6:27 PM
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