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Dejan Sarka

Conferences 2015 Q1 and Q2

In two days, I am starting my first conference trip for this year. Therefore, it seems to me it is high time to write down my plan for the first semester of this year. Of course, I m adding my food plan for each event:-)

  1. SQL Saturday #374 Vienna. On Friday, February 27th, I am having a full-day seminar “Advanced Data Modeling Topics” in Vienna. On Saturday, I am also giving a presentation “Identity Mapping and De-Duplicating”. I am looking forward to the Käsekrainer. When I met it for the first time, I thought it was a bad joke. Our Kranjska sausage, or how Austrians say, the Krainer sausage, is probably the most controlled sausage, the sausage with the best ingredients possible. I was wondering what kind of barbarians would put cheese in it. In addition, Käsekrainer is much cheaper. It consists of pork, veal, cheese, and a fistful of unidentifiable ingredients. The Käsekrainer is probably the food that not acceptable for the highest number of religions and personal beliefs. However, over time, I started to love it:-) Käsekrainer mit semmel, senf und kren with my name on it is already waiting for me in Vienna!
  2. Of course, I don’t want to miss the SQLBits. On Saturday, March 7th, I am giving the presentation “Analysing text with SQL Server 2014”. British cuisine might not be the most famous in the world. Nevertheless, there is a dish I never had an opportunity to taste yet. This is one of three conferences in England I am doing this semester. At least once I want to get the spotted dick.
  3. In the week of March 23rd, I am returning to London for the DevWeek conference. I am having a seminar “BI with Microsoft Tools: from Enterprise to a Personal Level” and five presentations there (Data Extraction and Transformation with Power Query and M; Data Mining Algorithms Part 1; Data Mining Algorithms Part 2; Introducing R and Azure ML; Visualising Geographic and Temporal Data with Power Map). If I don’t get the spotted dick during SQLBits, I should have enough time during the DevWeek.
  4. SQL Saturday #376 Budapest. The schedule is not public yet, but I am giving a presentation there. I would not like to miss the halászlé, the Hungarian fish soup.
  5. And of course, England again – SQL Saturday #372 Exeter. My presentation there is “Analysing Text with SQL Server 2014 and R”. And my last chance for the spotted dick this semester.
  6. SQL Saturday #369 Lisbon. I am having a seminar “Data Mining Algorithms in SQL Server, Excer, R, and Azure ML” on Thursday, May 14th, and two presentations on Saturday (again, the schedule is not public yet, so I am not revealing the titles of the sessions). Of course, visiting Portugal and not having the pastel de nata is not acceptable.
  7. May 18th – 20th – NTK, Portorož, Slovenia. One presentation, the title is still a secret, but not my co-presenter Milica Medić. Feel free to envy me:-) And yes, I am taking her for the horse steak, would not miss this at home.
  8. SQL Saturday #384 Varna. Again, the schedule is not public yet, but I am speaking there. Love to return to Bulgaria. In addition, this will by my first time in Varna and on the Black Sea coast. Oh, there are so many Bulgarian dishes I want to have again! Definitely баница (greasy pastry deliciousness) and шкембе чорба (tripe soup)!
  9. SQL Saturday #409 Rheinland. The schedule is still a secret. However, the Rheinischer Sauerbraten is in my plan. With a lot of beer.
  10. SQL Saturday 419 Bratislava. Finally, the Northern Slovenia, aka Slovakia, is getting its own SQL Saturday. Of course, I cannot miss it. There are not many dishes in Slovakia that would not be available in Southern Slovakia, aka Slovenia. However, the bryndzove halusky (small dumplings made of potato dough with sheep cheese and topped with scrambled bacon) dish is not well known in Ljubljana, so I am having one in Bratislava. But I am definitely refusing to eat any dish with word “kuraci” in its name. Search for the translation of this word from Slovak and from Slovenian, and you will understand why.

Which events are you visiting? Hope we meet at some.

Published Tuesday, February 24, 2015 4:26 PM by Dejan Sarka

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Uwe Ricken said:

hahahaha.... I think we will have many many chances for a Schnaps together after the Dinner :)

February 26, 2015 2:24 PM

Dejan Sarka said:

And we started in Vienna:-)

March 1, 2015 9:24 AM

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