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Lateral Thinking: Transitive Closure Clustering with SQL Server, UDA and JSON

For a feature we’re developing in Sensoria, we had to solve one of the well-know, yet hard to solve, problem with data and relationships between elements in a data set. While there are several ways to solve the same problem (just search for “transitive closure” with your own favorite search engine), I’d like to describe here a very interesting approach that not only shows how to leverage to the maximum SQL Server/Azure SQL, .NET and its newly added JSON support, but also to highlight that one key assets of an architect / developer, in a world where (so-called) AI is going to be very strong, is the human ability to find creative solutions. Thinking out-of-the-box or, in other words, practice some lateral thinking, is going to be key factor in future: let me show you one case that explains why.

The Problem

Let’s make an example to clarify the problem. Let’s say you are at a party where a lot of people have been invited, and you wonder how and if people are connected to each other via common friends. Let’s use letters to easily identify people, and let’s say we have this situation:

As you can see, people can be divided in two groups, so that each group, or cluster, will be made only of those people who are connected to each other via a common friend, friend of a friend, and so on.

This means that you have to find the transitive closure for the elements and then create groups so that the elements with the same transitive closure (said more easily: that are directly or indirectly related to each other) will be in the same group.

The obvious solution

This is a typical graph problem, and so, since we’re using SQL Azure, we tried to use the new Graph features. Unfortunately calculating the transitive closure is a feature that is not yet there, so another solution was needed.

It seemed that the only option to solve our problem was to use a Graph database (Azure Cosmos DB would have been the choice), but that would have required us to move data in/out of our database, which is Azure SQL, that in turn would have made our architecture a little bit more complex — and thus more expensive to manage and maintain—and, in addition, we would have needed to figure out how to keep the two databases in sync.

Nothing really too complex or hard, but before going that road I decided to spend some time to figure out if such solution would have been viable with the good old SQL. If yes, it would have helped us to save time and money while keeping the overall architectural complexity low (which helps to have maintenance costs low and performance high). Modeling graph using relational database it is possible and it is also quite easy, as you can write the data shown above like a set of pairs:

but performance are usually less than good when compared to Graph databases. In our case we had a very specific use case, we just need to group all the elements that are connected together, and thus we could just focus to solve this specific problem.

The creative solution

I proposed the problem to my good friend Itzik Ben-Gan that helped me to find a very nice SQL only solution that will soon be published on SQL Server Magazine, but I also decided to try a different creative approach, just to experiment a bit and keep my lateral thinking abilities trained.

At a first glance this sounds to be the perfect job for an UDA, but there is the additional problem that a user defined aggregate must return just a scalar value, which is the result of the aggregation function applied to all values that belongs to the same group. If the aggregation value is a sum, the returned scalar would be the value obtained by summing all the group values, if the aggregation function is concatenation, the resulting scalar would be a string containing all the string values in the same group concatenated one after the other.

Now what if, due to how the custom aggregation function works, the data may generate subgroups? And what if the number of such subgroups cannot be known in advance, but only after that data has been processed?

Let’s say, for example, you want to take all the orders of a customer, and create an aggregation function that split them in two groups: those who are above the customer’s order average amount and those who are below. This can be easily done in SQL, I know, so I would never create an UDA for this, but it easily and clearly explains the problem. This kind of problems cannot be solved using a UDA, it seems, since the return value must be a scalar and nothing else: no sub-grouping, since how would you fit them into a scalar value?

Unfortunately for us, this constraint is blocking problem, since we need to read all the data, and only after calculating the transitive closure of each element, we know how many groups we really have. It may be one, but it may be more than one, like in the example I described at the beginning.

Now, let’s try to think in a very creative way: what is a scalar, but can also be seen as a complex object…like an array of object? Yes: JSON is an answer. Let’s say we don’t use letters but numbers, and thus the original data can be rewritten as the following:

Now, if an aggregation function could return a “scalar” value like:

"1": [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6],
"3": [7, 8, 9, 10, 11]

then the problem would be elegantly solved. As you can see the two groups are correctly identified and each group has a unique number assigned that identifies it.

Now, say that the UDA is called TCC:

Once you have such JSON, transforming it into a table is a really simple:

dbo.TCC([Person], [IsFriendOf]) AS Result
cte2 AS (
CAST(J1.[key] AS INT) AS groupid,
CAST(J2.[value] AS INT) AS id
OPENJSON(cte.[result]) J1
OPENJSON(j1.[value]) J2

And the result will be

Problem solved!

Now, this is exactly what I have built in the last days. You can find the fully working code and example data here:


What I love of the solution, beside performances that will be discussed later, is how it helps to make the solution easy, elegant and simple. All the complexity is hidden and encapsulated into the UDA, data doesn’t need to move around different systems, which help to reduce friction and thus costs, and there is no need to learn a new language, like Gremlin, to solve our small and very specific problem.


What about performances? Well, this is one of the very few occasion where you can actually beat the database optimizer. Thanks to the fact that the UDA allows you to scan data only once, you can load each number into a list and add all the numbers into that list only if they are connected. If they are not connected, just create a new list. If you discover at some point that the two list have a common number (or friend to follow the original example) you merge them into one.

This is just the perfect use case of the HashSet that has a constant search time — O(1) — but that unfortunately cannot be used in a SQLCLR object since it is marked as MayLeakOnAbort.

The other object that offers the same constant search time is a Dictionary and the ContainsKey method which can be used in SQLCLR. So I’ve built the entire algorithm around a dictionary — a key-value pair — whose value is always set to true (could also have been anything else, since I don’t use such value at all), and the number that belong to the group represented by the dictionary is stored as a key.

Performance are great as you can see in the comparison chart here:

The values on the horizontal axis describes how the random test data was built. 2000x100 means that data was generated so that the resulting groups would have been 2000, each one with 100 elements in it. The SQL solution used is the best one we’ve been able to find (big thanks to Itzik, of course, that came up with a very elegant and clever solution). Of course, if you can came up with a better one, let me know.


Lateral thinking is our secret weapon. If you are afraid of AI coming to steal your job, don’t be, and try to solve problems in the most creative way, using your technical knowledge, intuition, gut feeling and your ability to invent a solution where it doesn’t even seem to exists.

The very first solution I tried was so slow that after minutes, even on small data sets, it was still running.

But then, in couple of days I’ve been able to find such solution, that is just what we need right now: it allows us to keep overall architecture complexity low and give us amazing performance, all of that also allowing us to spare money (we’re 100% on the cloud, so we pay for each bit we use…in this case means several thousands per year).

If in future we need some more complex graph support, extending our platform to use Cosmos DB (or any other Graph Database) will be inevitable and we’ll gladly embrace it, be assured: the message here is not about which is the best technology to do what, but that one should always try to look for a solution different than the obvious one. It just may be the best one for the target use case.

Published Sunday, November 12, 2017 6:31 PM by Davide Mauri

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wBob said:

Hey David, I worked up a graph database example using the new MATCH clause just for fun.  What do you think?

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Florence Joe said:

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Chris said:

Looks like you nailed it David! Another information that I can share to my fellow IT guys.

November 5, 2018 2:17 AM

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