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Slide e Demos of my DevWeek sessions are online

I’ve put on SlideShare and GitHub the slide deck and the demos used in my sessions at DevWeek 2016.

If you were there or you’re simply interested in the topics, here’s the info you need:

Azure ML: from basic to integration with custom applications

In this session, Davide will explore Azure ML from the inside out. After a gentle approach on Machine Learning, we’ll see the Microsoft offering in this field and all the feature it offers, creating a simple yet 100% complete Machine Learning solution. We’ll start from something simple and then we’ll also move to some more complex topics, such as the integration with R and Python, IPython Notebook until the Web Service publishing and usage, so that we can integrate the created ML solution with batch process or even use it in real time with LOB application. All of this sound cool to you, yeah? Well it is, since with ML you can really give that “something more” to your customers or employees that will help you to make the difference. Guaranteed at 98.75%!

Dashboarding with Microsoft: Datazen & Power BI

Power BI and Datazen are two tools that Microsoft offers to enable Mobile BI and Dashboarding for your BI solution. Guaranteed to generate the WOW effect and to make new friends among the C-Level managers, both tools fit in the Microsoft BI Vision and offer some unique features that will surely help end users to take more informed decisions. In this session, Davide will show how we can work with them, how they can be configured and used, and we’ll also build some nice dashboards to start to get confident with the products. We’ll also publish them to make it available to any mobile platform existing on the planet.

Event Hub & Azure Stream Analytics

Being able to analyse data in real-time will be a very hot topic for sure in near future. Not only for IoT-related tasks but as a general approach to user-to-machine or machine-to-machine interaction. From product recommendations to fraud detection alarms, a lot of stuff would be perfect if it could happen in real time. Now, with Azure Event Hubs and Stream Analytics, it’s possible. In this session, Davide will demonstrate how to use Event Hubs to quickly ingest new real-time data and Stream Analytics to query on-the-fly data, in order to do a real-time analysis of what’s happening right now.

SQL Server 2016 JSON

You want JSON? You finally have JSON support within SQL Server! The much-asked-for, long-awaited feature is finally here! In this session, Davide will show how the JSON support works within SQL Server, what are the pros and cons, the capabilities and the limitations, and will also take a look at performance of JSON vs. an equivalent relational(ish) solution to solve the common “unknown-schema-upfront” and “I-wanna-be-flexible” problems.

Published Monday, April 25, 2016 5:51 PM by Davide Mauri

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Director of Software Development & Cloud Infrastructure @ Sensoria, an innovative smart garments and wearable company. After more than 15 year playing with the Microsoft Data Platform, with a specific focus on High Performance databases, Business Intelligence, Data Science and Data Architectures, he's now applying all his skills to IoT, defining architectures to crunch numbers, create nice user experiences and provide meaningful insights, all leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud. MVP on Data Platform since 2006 he has a very strong background development and love both the ER model and OO principles. He is also a fan of Agile Methodology and Automation, which he tries to apply everywhere he can, to make sure that "people think, machines do".

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