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SQL Konferenz 2015

On the first days of February I’ll be speaking at the German SQL Konferenz 2015 in Darmstad (Frankfurt) with a lot of other friends:

I’ll be talking about two topics that my developer side love at most : Service Broker and “Dynamic Schema”:

Schema-less table & Dynamic Schema
How to manage a system in which the schema of data cannot be defined "a priori"? How to quickly search for entities whose data is on multiple lines? In this session we are going to address all these issues, historically among the most complex for those who find themselves having to manage yet very common and very delicate with regard to performance. From EAV to Sparse Columns, we'll see all the possible techniques to do it in the best way possible, from a usability, performance and maintenance points of view.

Real Time Data Integration (in the Cloud or not)
Service Broker and Integration Services can work so well together that they allow the creation of high-performance Real Time Data Integration solution with just a few days of work. No matter if you're on premise or on Azure, a real-time integration will open up new opportunities to deliver data and information faster and more efficiently, empowering the end user with all they need to do a great job. Let's say that your ERP software is on premise and you need to create a real-time dashboard in the Cloud...or that you have to integrate with your cloud-based sales force management solution. Do you really think that a batch update every 15 minutes can be solution, while for the same price you can have something done in real-time? In this session we'll see how to build such solution (that allowed one of our customer to completely replace TIBCO), from start to end.

See you there!

Published Friday, January 16, 2015 1:06 PM by Davide Mauri
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tosc said:

We will see us :-)

January 21, 2015 4:26 PM

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