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PASS Summit 2014 Pre-Con Preview: Davide Mauri

If you’re into Data Warehousing, you may be interested in attending to the workshop I’ll deliver at PASS Summit 2014 in Seattle on November 4th.

The workshop is entirely dedicated to explaining why and how a *successful* Data Warehouse can be thought, designed, architected, built, loaded and tested, using the  Agile approach that, so far, has mainly be applied to the application development field and in the last year has gained traction also (and finally I would say) in the BI field. Both Gartner and Forrester also underline that the Agile is a key factor for success in modern BI world, since has been verified that 50% of the requirement change in the first year in a BI project.

If you want to read more about the workshop, we you read the Q&A just published here:

In addition to that I’d also like to share the agenda of the workshop, that will give you even more information on what we’ll discuss on that day:

  • Why a Data Warehouse?
  • The Agile Approach
  • Modeling the Data Warehouse
    • Kimball, Inmon & Data Vault
    • Dimensional Modeling
    • Dimension, Fact, Measures
    • Star & Snowflake Schema
    • Transactional, Snapshot and Temporal Fact Tables
    • Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Engineering the Solution
    • Building the Data Warehouse
      • Solution Architecture
      • Naming conventions, mandatory columns and other rules
      • Views and Stored Procedure usage
    • Loading the Data Warehouse
      • ETL Patterns
      • Best Practices
    • Automating Extraction and Loading
      • Making the solution automatable
      • BIML
  • Unit Testing Data
  • The Complete Picture
    • Where Big Data comes into play?
  • After the Data Warehouse
    • Optimized Hardware & Software
  • Conclusions

As you can see it will be a fully packed brings two cups of coffee and you'll be good :)

See you in Seattle!

Published Wednesday, October 8, 2014 10:34 AM by Davide Mauri

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About Davide Mauri

Director of Software Development & Cloud Infrastructure @ Sensoria, an innovative smart garments and wearable company. After more than 15 year playing with the Microsoft Data Platform, with a specific focus on High Performance databases, Business Intelligence, Data Science and Data Architectures, he's now applying all his skills to IoT, defining architectures to crunch numbers, create nice user experiences and provide meaningful insights, all leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud. MVP on Data Platform since 2006 he has a very strong background development and love both the ER model and OO principles. He is also a fan of Agile Methodology and Automation, which he tries to apply everywhere he can, to make sure that "people think, machines do".

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