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DTLoggedExec 1.1.2008.4 Released!

Today I've relased the latest version of my DTExec replacement tool, DTLoggedExec.

The main changes are the following:

  • Used a new strategy for version numbers. Now it will follow the following pattern Major.Minor.TargetSQLServerVersion.Revision
  • Added support for Auto Configurations
  • Fixed a bug that reported incorrect number of errors and warnings to Log Providers
  • Fixed a buf that prevented correct casting of values when using /Set and /Param options
  • Errors and Warnings are now counted more precisely.
  • Updated database and log import scripts to categorize logs by projects and sections. E.g.: Project: MyBIProject; Sections: Staging, Datawarehouse
  • Removed unused report stored procedures from database
  • Updated Samples: 12 samples are now available to show ALL DTLoggedExec features
  • From this version only SSIS 2008 will be supported

 It useful to say something more on a couple of specific points:

  • From this version only SSIS 2008 will be supported
    Yes, Integration Services 2005 are not supported anymore. The latest version capable of running SSIS 2005 Packages is the
  • Updated database and log import scripts to categorize logs by projects and sections
    When you import a log file, you can now assign it to a Project and to a Section of that project. In this way it's easier to gather statistical information for an entire project or a subsection of it. This also allows to store logged data of package belonging to different projects in the same database. For example: 

  • Updated Samples
    A complete set of samples that shows how to use all DTLoggedExec features are now shipped with the product. Enjoy!
  • Added support for Auto Configurations
    This point will have a post on its own, since it's quite important and is by far the biggest new feature introduced in this release. To explain it in a few words, I can just say that you don't need to waste time with complex DTS configuration files or options, since a package will configure itself automatically. You just need to write a single statement as a parameter for DTLoggedExec. This feature can simplify deployment *a lot* :)
I the next days I'll write the mentioned post on Auto-Configurations and i'll update the documentation available on theDTLoggedExec website:
Published Tuesday, March 15, 2011 2:42 PM by Davide Mauri

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