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Davide Mauri

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DTLoggedExec 1.0 Stable Released!

After serveral years of development I’ve finally released the first non-beta version of DTLoggedExec! I’m now very confident that the product is stable and solid and has all the feature that are important to have (at least for me).

DTLoggedExec 1.0

Here’s the release notes:

  • Code cleaned up
  • Added SetPackageInfo method to ILogProvider interface to make easier future improvements
  • Deprecated the arguments 'ProfileDataFlow', 'ProfilePath', 'ProfileFileName'
  • Added the new argument 'ProfileDataFlowFileName' that replaces the old 'ProfileDataFlow', 'ProfilePath', 'ProfileFileName' arguments
  • Updated database scripts to support new reports
  • Split releases in three different packages for easier maintenance and updates: DTLoggedExec Executable, Samples & Reports
  • Fixed Issue #25738 (
  • Fixed Issue #26479 (

To make things easier to maintain I’ve divided the original package in three different releases. One is the DTLoggedExec executable; samples and reports are now available in separate packages so that I can update them more frequently without having to touch the engine.

Source code of everything is available through Source Code Control:

As usual, comments and feebacks are more than welcome! (Just use Codeplex, please, so it will be easier for me to keep track of requests and issues)

Published Sunday, May 9, 2010 11:51 AM by Davide Mauri

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