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Damian Widera

Great news - MVP Reconnect has been announced

The official announcement can be found at

What is MVP Reconnect?

  • MVP Reconnect is Microsoft’s way of keeping former MVPs in touch with Microsoft and each other.
  • The idea behind the program can be best described with an analogy from another industry; The Oscars are one of the most well recognized and prestigious awards in the film industry. From the moment someone wins their first Oscar, they become part of a very special community – that of Academy Award Winners – and they belong to this community forever, even if they don’t win an award every year. The same is true for MVPs: once an MVP, always part of the MVP community! 

Why is this program being launched?

  • Over the years, Microsoft has received feedback from former MVPs that they were looking for ways to stay in touch with the program and with their peers. This program is an extension of Microsoft’s commitment to the MVP program and another way to recognize the expertise and engagement that folks contribute to technical communities.

Why should you join?

  • MVP Reconnect allows members to stay connected to other community leaders and Microsoft. If your contributions to the technical community slow down temporarily, staying connected means that you maintain a good position for future recognition as an MVP. If you have a long history with the MVP program, you’ll be able to share your experiences and coach others to take full advantage of all the opportunities that the MVP award can provide.
  • Benefits include networking opportunities, recognition, and engagement offerings like invitations to community events. 

Who is eligible for the program? What are the requirements for membership?

  • All former MVPs with a minimum award period of one year who ended their tenure “in good standing” are eligible to join. “Good standing” means that an MVP must not have been retired due to an NDA or Code of Conduct violation. There are no limitations based on technical expertise or award category!

Where can you find more information about the program?

How can you join?

  • In the future, MVPs who reach the end of their award tenure will be invited automatically. 
  • Former MVPs can request to join by filling out the form at After validating the request, Microsoft will send an official email invitation. 
  • Please note that the validation process is made easier by providing more information on the form. Specifically, supplying your MVP ID and primary email used as an MVP will help expedite the process.




Published Saturday, November 5, 2016 1:54 AM by Damian
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