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Damian Widera

Technical review–SysTools SQL Recovery

SQL Server is a relational database that saves the entire data, which can be easily repaired by software when it is required. SQL MDF files are the main database files of SQL database. They are the base files of the primary data of SQL server and any damage to these files may result in the fall down of the complete database. Therefore any sort of corruption in these MDF files should be repaired and eliminate the risk of corruption of the entire database. The most common reason that is behind the corruption of MDF files is improper system shutdown. In addition, the SQL database may be infected with viruses and malwares that not only corrupt a single file but also have the capacity to destroy complete database. Now, the question comes how to retrieve the corrupted SQL database? There is one solution to overcome from such a situation is to utilize the third-party utility, i.e. SysTools SQL Recovery Software that repairs corrupt SQL database. This review discusses about the software  is based upon the testing performed by the application.


This SQL file repair tool can repair both corrupted MDF as well as NDF files and export it to different file formats of a SQL Database. It repairs both primary and secondary database in, as it is form. It scans and retrieve numerous of NDF files or complete folder containing all NDF files. It supports SQL Server 2014 and all the below editions to recover database from mdf and ndf files.

Different Versions to Repair Corrupt SQL Database

The SQL Recovery software is available in two versions, i.e. Demo as well as Licensed. Users can select any version accordingly.

· Demo Version

The Demo version is totally free to utilize by simply downloading it from the official website of the SysTools Group. As it is a free edition, so there are limitations, i.e. it permits users to preview all the repaired components of SQL database, but cannot allow them to store and export them.

· Licensed Version

It is a paid edition of the software that can be bought from the official site of organization. It allows users to repair, save, and export all the data into SQL Server database.

Features of SQL .mdf File Repair Tool

Repair both MDF & NDF files

The tools help to retrieve both primary as well as secondary database files such as MDF and NDF files. It maintains the originality of file data after repairing the database table’s data and even previews the complete components in it.

Automatically Detects Server Edition

The application is programmed in a way that it automatically detects the edition of both NDF as well as MDF files. However, if the edition is known by the servers then, users can check it manually on their own.

Dual Scanning Way

The SQL .mdf file repair tool provides two modes for scanning the complete SQL server database file. One mode is Quick scan that is for normal database corruption. Another mode is advance scan, which is for the deep corruption of the database files (.mdf & .ndf).

Dual Scanning Way

Store Scanned Files For Further Usage

The SQL database repair tool provides the option to save the scanned data in .str file format. This feature enables the user to avoid re-scanning of the corrupted .mdf or .ndf file again and again.

Supports Both Database Keys

The SQL database repair tool supports both the primary as well as foreign keys along with database tables. Both the keys are supported after exporting the database that is performed via a software.

Supports Advance Data Types

The software supports the advance data types to repair SQL database that includes sql_variant, hierarchyid, geography, geometry data types, Datetime2, datetimeoffset, etc. Moreover, the application supports Unicode as well as ASCII XML data types.

Quickly Recover  SQL .mdf File Components

Once the database files scanned by SQL database recovery tool, It provides a preview of recovered items like Tables, Functions, Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, Rules, Associated Primary Keys, Data Types, Unique Keys, and all the other SQL database components.

Quickly Recover  SQL .mdf File Components


Retrieve Deleted Table Data

The data of SQL table gets deleted accidentally due to various situations. In such a situation, the software will help to recover the deleted data of table in exact form without losing the data.

Repair SUSPECT SQL Server Database

If the user is unable to access the database because of SUSPECT error then Software will helps to repair database which is marked as suspected.

Export to SQL Server Database with Desired SQL Files

The utility gives an option to export the repaired data directly to live SQL Server database. The users only need the credentials such as Database name, Username, Server name and password etc.

After providing the above necessary information, user can export the desired database items from both MDF and NDF files and store it. It permits users to check or unchecked the recovered items accordingly and then exporting it to SQL Server database or as a SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts.

Export to SQL Server Database with Desired SQL Files


Retains the Data Integrity

The tool repairs the complete data files of SQL Server in exact form. It preserves the on-disk folder structure, formatting, styling, etc. in the same form as it was.


Considering the overall performance of the application I have to say I like it. It is also very intuitive and works very quickly. Although the software fails to repair the bulk, MDF files. However, it accurately repair highly corrupted data files (tested on 3 damaged databases). Moreover, it has easy and user-friendly interface, which is very necessary for users in repairing a corrupt SQL Server database. To sum it all up my recommendation for all the numerous of users is that this application is definitely worth trying.

Published Monday, October 24, 2016 9:12 PM by Damian

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James said:

I like the reviews you are doing on SQL Recovery utilities and specially this one is truly a SQL database rescuer. Thanks for sharing this helpful SQL recovery Tool. Great job!

October 6, 2017 3:51 AM

Aron said:

I also read the review of Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery software which you reviewed and it worked for me.

October 12, 2017 2:00 AM

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