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Damian Widera

SQL Server 2012 SP2 Cumulative Update 8 Released!


The CU 8 for the SQL Server 2012 SP2 has just been released.  

You can find more details on the official Microsoft site:



Here is the list of available  fixes:

VSTS bug numberKB article numberDescriptionFix area
5020090 3081074  FIX: A stalled dispatcher system dump forces a failover and service outage in SQL Server 2014 or SQL Server 2012 High Availability
4812002 3082877 FIX: No error is prompted when connection is terminated in sqlcmd SQL service
5051432 3080209 FIX: Error 602 when you run a stored procedure repeatedly in SQL Server 2012 SQL performance
5137914 3087094 FIX: It takes longer time than expected when you run query with non-admin user role in SSAS 2012 in Tabular model Analysis Services
4933177 3087114 FIX: PowerPivot for SharePoint doesn't run automatic data refresh on the first day of each month Analysis Services
5469866 3087920 FIX: Excel crashes when you use Excel 2010 on a computer that has the .NET Framework 4.6 installed Analysis Services
5153046 3088480 FIX: Data spill occurs when you sort large amount of data in SQL Server 2012 SQL performance
5161111 3080856 FIX: Information disclosure when you create session cube by using dynamic role-based security in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services
5173142 3081150 FIX: Orientation setting is lost when you export a report to a Word document in SSRS 2012 Reporting Services
5510259 3089527 FIX: FileStream Share Access fails when you use AlwaysOn Availability Groups feature in SQL Server 2012 High Availability
5484835 3089687 FIX: Can't export empty Tablix header in CSV file when NoHeader is false in SSRS 2012 Reporting Services
5067331 3090049 FIX: Transparent Data Encryption certificate can't be created in SQL Server 2012 SQL security
4259067 3054180 FIX: It may take longer than expected to create a SQL Server LineString instance in SQL Server 2014 SP1 SQL service
5047154 3077273 FIX: Rare incorrect result occurs when you run parallel query in SQL Server 2012 SQL service
5038253 3092702 FIX: It takes a longer time than earlier versions of SQL Server when you run DBCC CHECKDB in SQL Server 2012 SQL service
5174510 3092703 FIX: Access violation occurs in AlwaysOn availability groups scenarios in SQL Server 2012 SQL performance
5535001 3087872 FIX: Access violations when you use the FileTable feature in SQL Server 2012 SQL service
5078154 3081580 FIX: "String or binary data would be truncated" error when you use peer-to-peer replication in SQL Server 2012 SQL service
5586474 3074434 FIX: Out of memory error when the virtual address space of the SQL Server process is very low on available memory SQL service
5502135 3093869 FIX: SQLDiag fails with function 87 error in SQL AlwaysOn scenario where the server name has 15 characters Management Tools
5014318 3088307 FIX: Scheduler deadlock on primary replica when you remove a replica from an AlwaysOn availability group in SQL Server 2012 High Availability
5127984 3091643 FIX: Error occurs when you configure SQL Server replication or set up a linked server in SQL Server 2012 SQL security
4484245 3095156 FIX: Error 9002 and error 3052 when you try to add or back up log file in SQL Server 2012 High Availability



Published Tuesday, September 22, 2015 10:07 AM by Damian

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SSAStronaut said:

Do we know if this CU addressed the high cardinality column processing lag? There were hints at performance gains to be realized with this update...

September 23, 2015 10:26 AM

Damian said:

SSASTroonauty, I try to find it out!

September 26, 2015 9:18 AM

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