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Carpe Datum!

Links for Patterns and Practices for the Data Professional

I spoke at a meeting last evening in Richmond, Virginia (thanks everyone there for being such a great group) about "Patterns and Practices for the Data Professional". Here are the links I mentioned in that class:

Links for Patterns and Practices


I delivered a “Patterns and Practices for the Database Professional” presentation in Richmond, Virginia, and promised to share the links in a single location. Here are a few that I found that were very useful:


Patterns and Practices Developer Center:

Microsoft Solution Accelerators:

Application Architecture Guides:

Application Architecture Guide Free Book:

Microsoft Operations Framework:

Patterns and Practices Symposium:


Patterns and Practices document from Microsoft, for data:

Article by Brian Knight on Database Standards and Conventions:

SQL Server Best Practices:

Also - The information for making a "default template" for SSMS queries is here in this post: 

Published Friday, September 10, 2010 5:00 AM by BuckWoody
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