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PASS 2008 Conference - Day Five

Today was the final day of the conference, but I had a packed house for our discussion on PowerShell and SQL Server. I wanted to blog about one concept I covered in the demo: Why would I use PowerShell when I have SSIS, stored procs, batch files and other mechanisms?

I submit the following reasons:

  • PowerShell is a shell, so you get immediate feedback
  • PowerShell is kind of a language, so you can work in batches later if you want (writing scripts)
  • PowerShell makes working with HTML output easy
  • PowerShell makes working with XML easy
  • PowerShell makes working with WMI easy
  • PowerShell can talk to Windows things
  • PowerShell can talk to Exchange things
  • PowerShell can talk to SharePoint things
  • PowerShell can talk to .NET things (it uses .NET as well)
  • PowerShell can talk to (insert Microsoft technology here) things
  • PowerShell is fairly easy to learn
  • PowerShell scripts are fairly easy to read
  • PowerShell can look like Unix/Perl/DOS/whatever

OK - go off and try it. It isn't hard, it works well, and it makes your work easer. 

Published Friday, November 21, 2008 8:01 PM by BuckWoody
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