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Arnie Rowland

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Rules of Holes #5: Seek Help to Get Out of the Hole

You are moving along, doing good work, maintaining a steady pace. All seems to be going well for you. Then BAM!, a Hole just grabbed you. How the heck did that happen? What went wrong? How did you fall into a Hole?

Definitely, you will want to do a post-mortem and try to tease out what misteps led you into the Hole. Certainly you will want to use this opportunity to enhance your Hole avoidance skills.

But your first priority is to get out of this Hole right NOW..

Consider the Fifth Rule of Holes. Most likely, you will need someone's help to get out the hole.

Sure, perhaps you got yourself in this Hole without anyone's help. Perhaps you were led -or pushed. But the truth is, you are in a Hole. You didn't see it coming, or you were not skilled enough to avoid it, or you rushed in without fully considering how you were going to get out.

Most likely, You will need someone's help to get out. It may be just an observer that can give you a perspective that you can't get from down in the Hole. It may be someone that is willing to extend a lifeline to you, or it may be someone that has experience with this particular type of Hole and knows how to get out. But unless you are super-human, or incredibly lucky, you will not get out of the Hole on your own.

But you don't need just anyone's help, you need help from someone that can get you out. How do you find the right person? Well, you network; you look through your network of co-workers, and friends -with special emphasis on mentors, both past and current, and future. A mentor will have your best interest in mind. After all, they are your mentors because you have determined that they are especially capable of providing you direction and guidance, AND they have agreed to work with you in that role. Now is the time to seek the help of your mentors. Ask for their guidance in getting out of the Hole.

And if you don't have a mentor, it's time to question why not? What's keeping you from seeking out one or more mentors? Look around you, there are people that have a lot to offer you, there are people that can help you avoid or get out of a Hole. There are people that will be honored that you would consider them as one of your mentors.

Ask. What have you got to lose -except maybe staying in the Hole?

(I am in the process of compiling a more complete list of 'Rules of Holes', and in upcoming weeks, I'll share them with you. And if you have developed your own 'Rules of Holes', i invite you to share them with us.)

Published Monday, November 19, 2012 8:37 AM by ArnieRowland


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