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Arnie Rowland

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Rules of Holes #4: Do You Have the BIG Picture?

Some folks decry the concept of being in a 'Hole'. For them, there is no such thing as 'Technical Debt', no such thing as maintaining weak and wobbly legacy code, no such thing as bad designs, no such thing as under-skilled or poorly performing co-workers, no such thing as 'fighting fires', or no such thing as management that doesn't share the corporate vision. They just go to work and do their job, keep their head down, and do whatever is required. Mostly.


Until the day they are swallowed by the Hole.


This brings us to the Forth Rules of Holes: If you do not see the bigger picture, you just might be in a hole.


Without seeing the 'bigger picture', how can you possibly know your part of the puzzle? How can you possibly know when you are being truly successful? How can you possibly know where to spend your scarce time preparing for your future? In fact, how can you possibly know that you are NOT in a Hole?


Holes are insidious, they consume all that blindly enter. And when you are in a Hole, you can't see out, and you eventually become accustomed to thinking that everything that you see is all that there is, and that you need not be concerned with anything else. Wrong! The Hole has consumed your ability to be rational.


Technology is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. You must be watching the horizon in order to prepare and position yourself for the future. If you don't, you won't have much of a future in technology. Not so long ago, around 1999-2000, folks that could only code basic HTML were very well paid. and many were unemployable just a couple years later. Technology moves on, the Hole doesn't want you to leave -it needs you to survive.


So look for your horizon, scan for the future, pay attention to where you are and where you wish to be next year. Be prepared AND keep a big picture.


(I am in the process of compiling a more complete list of 'Rules of Holes', and in upcoming weeks, I'll share them with you. And if you have developed your own 'Rules of Holes', i invite you to share them with us.)

Published Friday, November 16, 2012 12:25 PM by ArnieRowland


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