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Arnie Rowland

Discussion of issues related to SQL Server, the MSDN SQL Support Forums, the complex interplay between Developers and SQL Server Administrators, and our sometimes futile attempts to have a 'normal' life.

Rules of Holes #3: A Better Shovel is NOT the Answer!

You stopped digging. You looked around and saw that you were still in the Hole. You needed to get out.

AHA! Problem solved, you thought. You'll just get a better and more efficient shovel!

I regret to tell you that the Third Rule of Holes applies: Switching to a more efficient shovel is unlikely to help you get out of the Hole. Yes, your resumed digging may be faster, more directed, and even well planned and articulated. But you will still be in the Hole, and digging. And that's just not the solution.


A new process (scrum, kanban, whatumaykalit), or a new language (C++, C#, R, CLR, etc.), or playing 'buzzword bingo',  -even a new team or manangement structure, that keeps any form of a shovel as its primary tool will not get you out of the Hole. You got in the Hole by digging -and you won't get out by only digging more.


Remember, the first step to getting out of the Hole is to STOP DIGGING. Even with a new and improved shovel!


(I am in the process of compiling a more complete list of 'Rules of Holes', and in upcoming weeks, I'll share them with you. And if you have developed your own 'Rules of Holes', i invite you to share them with us.)

Published Wednesday, November 14, 2012 2:05 PM by ArnieRowland



Jacob said:

Love this Arnie. Keep it coming

November 15, 2012 5:11 PM
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