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Arnie Rowland

Discussion of issues related to SQL Server, the MSDN SQL Support Forums, the complex interplay between Developers and SQL Server Administrators, and our sometimes futile attempts to have a 'normal' life.

MVP Summit 2009 -A Most Excellent Adventure

For many of us, one of the high points of being an MVP is attending the annual MVP Summit hosted in Seattle by Microsoft. Yes, there is a lot of flash and hoopla, good food, and a party or two. But the real value comes from connecting and re-connecting with MVPs from around the world. And then being given  'inside' information from members of the product groups. Product group members answer our questions and give us insights into future developments for the product/technology that holds our interest. And, to their credit, they put up with a fair amount of pushing and pulling from MVPs –which, thankfully, is accepted in the spirit of 'the loyal opposition'. Everyone recognizes that we all have the same interests -the improvement of the products we use and support.

So I guess that I could sum up the event as one of Relationships. Establishing, building and renewing relationships between MVPs, AND between MVPs and product group members. Relationships that will serve us well -now and in the future. Relationships that are as diverse and complex as the products we support. Relationships that are both intense and fleeting. Relationships that will persist even when only renewed at the next summit. Relationships that will strengthen our interactions in newsgroups, forums, blogs, and even Twitter. Relationships that continually improve the SQL Server community.

A few MVPs were acknowledged for their outstanding participation in the SQL Server community over the past year.

For finding and reporting Bugs –overall:

1. Aaron Bertrand
2. Steve Kass
3. Dan Guzman

The most ‘critical’ bug was found and reported by:

Teo Lachev

For Newsgroup participation:

1. Erland Summarskog
2. Plamen Ratchev
3. Uri Dimant

For MSDN Forum participation:

1. Jonathan Kehayias
2. Jacob Sebastian
3. Mangal Pardeshi

The 'MVP Choice Award' was presented to give special recognition for MVP contributions to the SQL Server community over the past year. The SQL Server MVPs that attended the summit could offer five nominees each. Those selected received a plurality of nominations. Summit attendance was not required, and two folks were not eligible since they were previously acknowledged. (See above.)

The MVP Choice Award was awarded to:

1. Paul Nielson
2. Arnie Rowland
3. Itzik Ben-Gan
4. Kalen Delany
5. Pinal Kumar Dave (tie)
5. Jessica Moss (tie) 

(I wish to humbly thank those MVPs that thought I should be included in such great company.)

Published Saturday, March 7, 2009 11:10 AM by ArnieRowland



Uri Dimant said:

Hi Arnie

My lastname is Dimant not Dimont:-)

March 9, 2009 3:53 AM

Aaron Alton said:

Congratulations on the MVP choice award!  Very well deserved indeed.

March 9, 2009 9:30 AM

robboek said:

Congratulations Arnie!

March 19, 2009 6:17 PM
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