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Argenis Fernandez

T-SQL Tuesday #028 – Jack of All Trades, Master of None?


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard that phrase.

Are you specialized? On something? Or anything at all? Has that been a good or a bad thing? Why?

Are you the SQL guy at work? Or the one who does everything?

Do you code? And configure wireless routers at work also?

If you had to pick one thing to specialize on, what would it be?

Over the course of my career I’ve worn many many hats. I always felt I was doing fine, had a stable job, but wasn’t quite fond of my prospects for the future. Then a friend said that I should focus on one thing and be the best at it. And while I’m most certainly NOT the best at it, I’ve gotten progressively better on it, to the degree that I’ve been called an ‘Expert’ by some (hate that word!) – I’d rather be called ‘knowledgeable’. My career took off like a rocket after I specialized, and certainly choosing to focus on one thing (SQL Server, in my case) has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I've also been careful of not forgetting my roots as a SysAdmin – and always try to keep up with changes on the Windows/SAN/Networking front, but not with the same level of intensity.

So, in this installment of T-SQL Tuesday I’d like to ask you to blog about your experience. Tell us why you specialized, or why you’d like to specialize. If you don’t think that specialization is a good thing, tell us why. Discuss. Argue your point(s).


  • Your post must be published between 00:00 GMT Tuesday March 13th, 2011, and 00:00 GMT Wednesday March14th, 2011
  • Your post must contain the T-SQL Tuesday logo from above and the image should link back to this blog post.
  • Trackbacks should work, but if you don’t see one please link to your post in the comments section below so everyone can see your work

Optional, but highly encouraged…

  • Include a reference to T-SQL Tuesday in the title of your post
  • Tweet about your post using the hash tag #TSQL2sDay
  • Consider hosting T-SQL Tuesday yourself. Adam Machanic keeps the list.
Published Monday, March 5, 2012 2:16 PM by Argenis

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Rob Farley said:

It’s a phrase I use often, especially when teaching, and I wish I had realised the concept years earlier.

March 12, 2012 8:14 PM

Tracy McKibben said:

March 12, 2012 8:16 PM

Rob Farley said: the trackback doesn't really look like one, here's the link to my post:

Thanks for hosting, Argenis!

March 12, 2012 8:16 PM

Merrill Aldrich said:

This T-SQL Tuesday, hosted by Argenis Fernandez ( Blog | Twitter ) is devoted to the question, “Are you

March 13, 2012 1:21 AM

Jack Vamvas said:

March 13, 2012 9:39 AM

Andy Galbraith (@DBA_ANDY) said:

March 13, 2012 11:24 AM

Rob Sullivan said:

March 13, 2012 12:30 PM

Ted Krueger (onpnt) said:

March 13, 2012 1:38 PM

Jes Borland said:

Thanks for hosting Argenis! (Or as Ted would say, MASTER BLASTER!)

March 13, 2012 1:41 PM

Stuart Ainsworth said:

March 13, 2012 2:07 PM

Steve Wales said:

Thanks for hosting, Argenis.  My assorted ramblings here:

March 13, 2012 3:37 PM

Nick Haslam said:

March 13, 2012 5:15 PM

Kyle Neier said:

March 13, 2012 5:32 PM

Josh Feiermanq said:

Thanks for hosting! Here's my (somewhat late to the game) submission, in case the trackback doesn't work.

March 13, 2012 5:56 PM

K. Brian Kelley said:

March 13, 2012 6:17 PM

Tamera Clark said:

Double checking and it appears my track back didn't work. :) 

March 14, 2012 9:17 PM

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