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Andy Leonard

Andy Leonard is an author and engineer who enjoys building and automating data integration solutions. Andy is co-host of the Data Driven podcast. Andy is no longer updating this blog. His current blog is

Me and the Man

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Published Saturday, February 15, 2014 12:45 PM by andyleonard

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Tim Costello said:

Thanks for sharing your story Andy.  I'ts powerful, motivational.  I won't soon forget.

February 15, 2014 1:09 PM

Andy Mauer said:

This was a very well written and thought provoking post! I emphasized with it, especially on the points where life was against you until one realizes that it's a matter of perspective. I enjoy reading your blog and have an even deeper respect for you as the passion behind the writing. Thanks!

February 15, 2014 6:17 PM

Ed Allison said:

Excellent post.  Thank you very much for sharing your experiences.

February 17, 2014 8:18 AM

Andy Warren said:

Andy, I enjoyed the post. I'm curious, if you were to run into someone very much like the man you (and most of us) were then, do you think you could show him the path better than others showed you? It's the part about mentoring that pulls at me, the idea that I could have - in theory - been so much further along if I had learned some lessons sooner. Experience isn't quite transferable, but a role model can make a powerful difference. It's not easy to understand the point of view of someone else and bridge the gap between their experience and our own. Is it up to them to figure it out? Sure. I've just felt like a lot of wisdom gets shared as fortune cookie sayings and that's not much to hang on to when you're trying to pay the bills. It's easy to say "he didn't listen", but some things you have to be ready to hear!

Kudos for writing something so personal, I know its not easy.

February 18, 2014 9:56 AM

andyleonard said:

Hi Andy,

  Thank you for your comment and insightful question.

  I mention a couple examples of mentoring I received in the linked Part 5 ( You make fantastic points about mentoring: Mentors are awesome. But one has to locate a mentor (or be located by a mentor) and, crucially, one must be prepared to *be* mentored.

  You may find it difficult to believe I was resistant to mentoring. ;) But I was. It took extraordinary people and circumstances to bring me to a place where I realized I needed to learn from some of the people around me. When I write "extraordinary," I mean on the level of being hit over the head with a 2x4... or, more accurately, driven to my knees by life and circumstances.

  I had to first come to the place where I realized there was value in such a relationship. Most of my resistance to the notion was internal. Some of it was driven by truly bad experiences, but much of it was driven by my interpretation of those experiences. So anyone wishing to offer sound advice had to get past my internal barriers before I would listen to them. As a result, I ignored and dismissed many a fine role model in my youth.

  I'm privileged nowadays to be surrounded by good people - such as yourself - who are excellent mentors. But I am just as thankful I have learned to listen to you (and others) as I am for you (and others).


February 18, 2014 10:56 AM

Johnson said:

Thanks for your inspiring post. Indeed life is not fair, as I have learned from my own problems and those of others.

I have irritable bowel syndrome, a chronic health problem, and hence poor quality of life, sleep and energy issues quite often. It restricts my diet, often affects my ability to work (IT) at max efficiency and socialize. There is no guarantee of this thing ever going away. Its not as bad as cystic fibrosis and such, but it sure is a damper, especially when you cannot often catch up with the

self-aggrandizing smarties around you. If only they were in my place.

With this kind of problem in mind, I'd like to add that obstacles can

have 3 outcomes -

1 - The obstacles will stop you.

2 - You will overcome the obstacles.

3 - The obstacles will won't stop you, but will reduce your potential.

Well, that's life for me.

Good luck to you and thanks for the blog.

March 8, 2014 6:18 PM

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