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Andrew Kelly

New Servicing Model for SQL Server


Microsoft just announced a new serving model for SQL Server starting with SQL 2017. The link below goes into much more detail so I won’t duplicate that here. However in a nutshell this means that there will be no more service packs, only CU’s (Cumulative Updates) and GDR’s (General Distribution Release).  A GDR contains only security fixes where as a CU has has all the goodies to keep SQL Server up to date in terms of features, bug fixes and security. What I like about it is that for the first 12 months after RTM the CU’s will be delivered once a month ensuring bug’s are kept at bay on a fairly quick and reliable pace. Anyway see below for more details and decide how your organization will deal with this change going forward.

               New Servicing Model for SQL Server

Happy updates,

Andrew J. Kelly

Published Friday, September 29, 2017 10:09 AM by Andrew Kelly

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