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Andrew Kelly

The Joy's of traveling

As a long time consultant I have certainly had my share of travel woes. And although this latest experience is not the worst experience I have had I think it rated an entry in my blog. I (along with 1700 other MVP's) spent the last few days out in Redmond at the 2007 MVP summit. It was a great time and a fantastic opportunity to get a heads up on the upcoming version of SQL Server called Katmai. The last night a few of my fellow MVP's and I spent the night with a few unnamed members from the SQL product team visiting the different nightlife establishments in Seattle until about 3:00AM. But unfortunately that is where the fun ended. It started the next morning when I had to get up with a terrible hangover and head off to the airport. The 4 plus hour plane ride to Detroit was basically uneventful but also very uncomfortable due to the fact the head rest did not match my body height. This made the hangover even harder to deal with. Then once I arrived in Detroit I was informed that due to the storm on the east coast I could not make it back to Manchester NH until at least 6:30PM the next night. By this time all the local hotels were booked solid. I found a Fairfield Inn on the web that was about 15 miles away and booked a room. The airline told me they were not booking in hotels that did not have a shuttle so I figured it would be fine and I would take a cab after I got a bite to eat at the airport. They told me if I wanted my luggage it would be about 4 hours wait so I figured I could do without it for a night and after dinner I went to find a cab. After 40 minutes in line waiting for a cab I head off for the hotel. When it arrives at the hotel the driver dropped us off on the backside and since there were no cars in the parking lot I thought this was a good plan and I am all set. Then I turned the corner and spotted the buses leaving and the line of people out the door into the parking lot. The airlines just sent over about 80 people that all needed to be registered at the hotel and they were now ahead of me even though I did have a reservation already. So the waiting in line began with the first part the most difficult due to the fact I had no jacket and it was about 30 degrees and windy. After about 45 minutes I made it in to the lobby and started to thaw out. But it was another hour and a half before I actually got my room key. That night went pretty uneventful from there and now I sit and wait to get another cab back so I can fly out tonight. As you can see this was an unpleasant ordeal but not so much even trivial compared to other events going on in the world today. But it did make for really bummer of an ending to what was otherwise a fantastic summit. And I am sure I can look forward to some relaxing snow shoveling when I get home as well.

Published Saturday, March 17, 2007 11:49 AM by Andrew Kelly

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Linchi Shea said:


Just keep your thought on that golf trip you'll soon be off to :-) I hope it'll more than make up for what you've gone through on this return trip.

March 19, 2007 11:12 AM

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