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Allen White

PASS Summit 2015 - Keynote Day 1

After this morning's refreshing three mile SQL Run - a much smaller event this year to avoid the problems inherent in having to get permits for a larger event - and a quick breakfast at the Summit, it's time for the opening keynote presentation.

Tom LaRock, PASS President, greeted the crowd, and shared the metrics of the event. Over 58 countries, and over 2000 companies are represented here today. He introduced the current and board members, and the new board member, Ryan Adams.

In Tom's first Summit in 2004, there were 1,740 registrations, and this year over 5,500. He had the First Timers raise their hands and gave them some friendly advice on how to make the most out of this event.

As Data Professionals, we have what many consider to be a "dream job", and PASS works to help provide the necessary resources to make it the best job they could ever have. We all work together to make something great. PASS provides a worldwide standard for community organizations. He encouraged everyone to volunteer, to get involved, and help others learn and grow.

Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President Data Group, comes on stage to talk about Microsoft's Cloud and Data Strategy.

We live in the age of data. We extract intelligence from every bit of data, and use it to transform our daily lives. Data started out as analog sources, and as computers came in it became digital data. As we move forward that digital data is being moved to the cloud, and by 2020 we'll have 50 zetabytes of data available via an IP address. We now live in an Age of Data.

By having digital history of patient statistics we can predict when that patient will make a trip to the emergency room. By keeping track of the data we can monitor blood pressure and other key data points to know how to help avoid these emergencies. Advances in genome sequence analysis have made it possible to develop life plans to minimize the problems we can expect to have with medical problems.

DocuSign uses the power of data to change the way contracts are signed. Improve the efficiency of contract completion by 90 percent. Eric Fleischman, Chief Architect and VP Platform Engineering, introduced his process, transforming paper processes into digital processes. Eric looked at open source solutions and decided they weren't interested in writing a database platform, and Microsoft provided the best solution for their business needs. Their data volume doubles every year, and that provides some significant scaling issues. Using Always On technologies and all flash storage arrays allows them to perform efficiently and has allowed them to continue to grow as they need.

SQL Server 2016 provides all the necessary engines of data needed for today's business. It's available both on-premises and in the cloud. The new features are built first in the cloud and then translated into the box product. "We live in a planet that has its feet on the ground, and its head in the sky." Gartner rated Microsoft as the leader in both Vision and Execution this year.

Shawn Bice is the General Manager of the Database Systems Group at Micrsoft. SQL Server 2016 embraces the entire global implementation of Azure.

Shawn talked about seven big bets. Everything is built in. From OLTP, most secure database, highest performing data warehouse, ene-to-end mobile BI on any device, to In-database Advanced Analytics. 1) Dramatically simplify HA & DR. DocuSign is using some of the fastest disk systems using flash storage. That experience is translated into the SQL Server HA/DR solutions to improve performance. They now provide easy setup of on-prem and hybrid cloud HA & DR. They provide load balancing on readable secondaries, and they have fast failover on prem or to the cloud.

Removing the complexity of big data, via T-SQL over Hadoop. The PolyBase solution is now built directly into SQL Server. They also added JSON support.

Real-time Operational Analytics. In-memory technology is built into SQL Server. "Real time" is the ability to learn and adjust. Every business can benefit from that. This provides up to 30x faster transactions, queries go from minutes to seconds.

In-database Advanced Analytics. They built intelligent applications using R, which is a standard language for scientists and statisticians. Shawn introduced Rohan Kumar, the Partner Director, Engineering, to demonstrate the application of these advanced analytics capabilities.

Shawn returned to talk about security. Security is a staple for the platform. It's not a one-size-fits-all. We start with layers of security. Start with TDE (Transparent Data Encryption.) Control access through Windows Authentication, row-level security, and dynamic data masking. Then incorporate Always Encrypted to protect the data from man-in-the-middle attacks. SQL Server is the least vulnerable database platform 6 years running, and it's the most used platform in the world. This is the first technology of its kind in the industry.

Cut storage costs with Stretch Database. With both hot and cold data in the data center, the cold data is on the same, expensive storage as the hot data. Stretch Database allows you to stretch a table directly into Azure, and move cold data into inexpensive, cloud based storage. It's available via normal queries, which will reach into the cloud storage when the data has been moved there. The data is encrypted and queryable, and doesn't require any application changes.

End-to-end mobile BI on any device. Provides lightning fast queries and reports on all mobile devices.

Joseph returned to the stage to wrap up, and say that building great products is a journey. It's really important to know what we believe in when it takes 20 years to build a project. We must have constant innovation, and innovation based on the customer. It's important to innovate for the future, and do it with the customer. The cloud allows us to innovate with the customer in a very agile way. It then makes its way into an on-premisis product. We've gone from the age of hardware, through the age of software, to now we're in the age of data, to provide better better human experiences and creating new human experiences, all being powered by the cloud.

Published Wednesday, October 28, 2015 1:24 PM by AllenMWhite
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