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Allen White

PASS Summit 2014 Day 1 Keynote

Tom LaRock opened up the keynote with his official "Hi Tom!"  Not just the thousands in the room but people logged in from around the world. People representing over 50 countries, over 2000 companies.  This is our community, and those present will help you grow your careers. Since 2008, PASS has provided 1.3 million technical training hours.

TK "Ranga" Rengarajan - CVP Data Platform

Ranga started with a bit of background, growing up in India, then studying under Dr. David DeWitt, then joining first Digital Equipment Corporation, then Sybase.

There's been an explosion of data sources which drives an explosion of data, which drives businesses to learn more. Every year the amount of data generated grows by 40%, and there has to be a way to manage that data. It's an enormous opportunity for us. This data is going drive future productivity. We have an opportunity and a challenge to provide solutions to the problems that this data generates. The new data culture will allow everyone to do more and achieve more in their careers.

The Microsoft data platform allows you to capture and manage that data. It's a comprehensive data platform that encompases all the ways you can capture and store that data. The platform works in memory and on disk, on premises and in the cloud. It handles operational data and real-time data, structured and unstructured data, scale-up and scale-out solutions.

We need to capture diverse data with no limits on what you can do, via elastic scale. Maximize the performance and availability, and simplify with cloud solutions.

Azure DocumentDB is a NoSQL DB service that's schema-free, with ACID to eventual consistency models supported.  Azure HDInsight is a 100% Hadoop service for the flexibility and scalability that that provides. The Analytics Platform System provides the Polybase (combining SQL and Hadoop in a single platform) appliance.

The SQL Server platforms available are SQL Server 2014 on Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server in Azure VMs, and Azure SQL Database solutions, all to provide elastic scale.

Ranga announced a major update to Azure SQL Database, allowing you to do more with the cloud. Improved TSQL compatibility, larger index handling, parallel queries, extended events and In-memory ColumnStore for data marts are features included in the new update.

Joseph Sirosh - CVP Machine Learning & Information Management

Joseph spent about 9 years at Amazon before joining Microsoft and hasn't ever seen anything like the PASS community. The "PASS Community Rocks!"

With data you want to understand the past, analyze the present, and predict what's next. Azure Data Factory is a platform like SSIS in the cloud to manage the data you have both on-prem and in the cloud. Azure Stream Analytics allows you to manage data in motion, analyzing the data in the present. Azure Machine Learning allows predictive analytics to be available to more organizations.

Sanjay Soni demonstrated Pier One using Microsoft Kinect to analyze the traffic patterns in the Seattle store. The Kinect sensor allows them to see exactly where customers are spending their time in the store.  Using the Azure Data Factory they can manage the data from the Kinect data to provide quality analytics on that location data.

James Phillips - GM Data Experiences

James joined Microsoft two years ago after starting two companies in Silicon Valley.

Data is just a bucket of potential until you get it to users. We're not only removing the overhead, but continuing to provide oversight capabilities.

Simplify the data discovery with PowerQuery and PowerPivot. Deliver faster time to insight via Power BI and Q&A, which is a natural language query in Power BI. Connect to on-premises data via Data Refresh to schedule the Power BI data refresh and Interactive Query to view Analysis Services data via Power BI. Finally, enable a data culture using Live Dashboards and Drill Through capabilities, all provided via Power BI.

Renga came back out and shared that Azure Machine Learning is now available for free, all you need is a login via Microsoft Live ID.
Published Wednesday, November 5, 2014 9:36 PM by AllenMWhite
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