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Allen White

PASS Summit 2012 Day Two Keynote

Summit day two is upon us and we're anticipating another exciting keynote.  Nice video of international attendees at the start of the keynote focusing on the global community.  Doug McDowell came out and talked about how much great content is going on simultaneously at the Summit.  In the last five years PASS has incorporated SQL Saturdays, 24 Hours of PASS, SQL Rally, Virtual Chapters, and doubled and maybe even quadrupled the membership numbers.  Doug talked about applying the revenues into these programs that support these activities.  The single largest fund raiser for PASS is the Community Summit.

Doug talked about adding full time staff as community evangelists, and additional fulltime IT staff to keep the systems running that drive the organization. He also introduced Wendy Pastrick, James Rowland-Jones and Sri Sridharan as newly elected board members with two year terms starting January 1.

Tom LaRock, VP of Marketing took the stage and talked about the community of volunteers.  After noting the wonderful work done by the volunteers across the board, Tom cited the monthly PASS Volunteer of the Month award and the Volunteer Honorable Mentions, Amy Lewis and Jesus Gil.  He then introduced the 2012 PASS Volunteer of the Year award winner Jen Stirrup. Jen took the microphone and thanked the Women-in-Technology organizations throughout Europe for their help.

Next year the PASS Summit will be in Charlotte, NC October 15-18, 2013, and shared the special PASS alumni code for discount on next year's Summit. He recognized the companies that have sent 5 or more employees to this year's Summit.  The WIT Luncheon will be today, led by Jen Stirrup.

Tom introduced Quentin Clark, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft, talking about turning data into business value.  "The opportunity we have is to rewire business around information."  The election results analysis is really a big data problem.  Using RFID in hotel keys, hotels can determine what services guests use even if they're not "buying" those services, such as the gym or the free breakfast, and they can tailor their business based on those trends.  Big Box retailers can use similar methods to change the music playing in the background based on the tastes of the customers in the store. It's all based on aggregating large amounts of data gathered through new methods of providing that data.

Quentin invited Julie Strauss on stage to show a demonstration they called PASS Cinemas. They look at the tweets of the current movies running to analyze the marketing of the movies to maximize interest.  Like yesterday, they pulled data from various sources they used relational data sources, Hadoop and loaded it into PDW to analyze comments on twitter about the movies.  (I do find it a bit creepy that companies are tracking this level of information, though.) Unfortunately, the presentation was focused on a lot of details, but didn't really show us anything that wasn't already covered yesterday, and the details weren't enough for me to know truly how to provide these results. The whole demo experience was underwhelming.

Looking forward to some great sessions today and dinner with Red Gate this evening!


Published Thursday, November 8, 2012 12:02 PM by AllenMWhite
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