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T-SQL Tuesday #25 Followup - Just in Time for the Holidays

T-SQL TuesdayT-SQL Tuesday #25 fell on the same day I brought my mother home from a 3-day emergency trip to the hospital. She's much better, now, but it was a bit crazy there for a little bit. Thanks for everyone's best wishes.

Rob Farley kicked off the official start of the event with a post titled A T-SQL Tip: Working calculations. He showed us how to use the CROSS APPLY join operator to facilitate date calculations.

Greg M Lucas followed up with a list of Management Studio shortcuts (not exactly T-SQL, but useful nonetheless) here.

Pinal Dave (aka the SQL Authority) contributed a few scripts to help you manage your SQL Server configuration with his post SQL SERVER - A Quick Look at Performance - A Quick Look at Configuration.

We love comic books and super heroes, and Tracy McKibben (RealSQLGuy) fed that love with a couple of links to his performance capture scripts and to Adam Machanic's WhoIsActive script here.

In her first ever T-SQL Tuesday post, Mala Mahadevan shared with us a number of scripts that provide useful information and automate some processes here.

Sam Vanga's Tips and Tricks shared with us a way to clear the windows clutter of Management Studio and focus on the T-SQL here.

On Chris Shaw’s Weblog we learn how to read the SQL Server error logs via T-SQL and manage them across many servers here.

Using a method called "selective aggregates", Kent Chenery shows us how to efficiently summarize multi-year aggregate data here.

Ricardo Leca shared a script to create mirrored databases in T-SQL and making use of SQLCMD here.

A former Clevelander living in Washington, DC, Matt Velic shares a trick to make building referential integrity in databases easier in Easy Integrity.

Jason Strate showed us a script that you can use to show the various execution plans using a specific index here. In some performance work I'm doing for a client right now this script will really come in handy.

One of my favorite new people on the SQL Server scene, Jes Schultz Borland published a script to show how much transaction log space is used here.

Bob Pusateri demonstrates how to concatenate the returned rows from a query into a single string without using a cursor here.

My good friend John Sterrett has a nifty script to show us what queries are currently running right now in this post.

John Pertell keeps track of table growth with the scripts in this post.

Dev Nambi takes advantage of the INTERSECT operator to show how to ensure that query changes made for performance return the same result set here. I'm adding this one to my toolkit right away!

Some folks, like Richard Lewis (@gogorichie) posted links to earlier posts with their favorite tricks here.

David Howard points out some of the tricks in using the TOP keyword here.

One of my friends from the Cleveland group, Colleen Morrow, talked about organizing Registered Servers and how to run queries against multiple servers simultaneously using the groups in the Registered Servers tab in Management Studio here.

Aside from saying some very nice things about my presentations, Matt Nelson supplied a nifty script to return date range values via a view here.

Sebastian Meine talks about transaction log reuse waits, and how to determine why the log keeps growing here.

Nic Cain provides us a script that you can use to find out what Reporting Services reports have failed here.

Steve Wales also provided links to earlier posts here.

Jason Brimhall talked about some of the built-in property features in T-SQL here.

Aaron Bertrand also showed us how to be more productive in Management Studio with his tips here.

Rob Volk shares ways we can more easily use constraints in T-SQL here.

Mark Broadbent introduces us to The Best Tool You’ve Never Used. (Not exactly a T-SQL tip, but cool nonetheless.)

Another fellow Clevelander, Steve Smith, shares a grab bag full of cool tricks here.

Per the standard rules of T-SQL Tuesday, this ends the event, but there were a few stragglers that came in late:

Nigel Sammy: here.

Steve Jones: here.

Jason Grobe: here.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I definitely learned some great new ways to work with SQL Server.


Published Saturday, December 17, 2011 5:21 PM by AllenMWhite
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Jason Brimhall said:

Nice roundup - plenty of participation this time around.

December 20, 2011 12:04 PM
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