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PASS Summit 2011 Day 2 - Women In Technology & SQLKilt Day

The second full day at the Summit is the day we recognize Women in Technology, and (merely by coincidence) the day we wear kilts to the event. This latter tradition started two years ago when Grant Fritchey, Steve Jones and Bill Fellows wore their kilts to the conference.  Last year close to forty of us wore them, and it's grown beyond that this year.  I'm sitting in the ballroom watching people walk in for the keynote, many in kilts, and it's awesome.

Bill Graziano came out to start the keynote wearing a kilt. Before the keynote started Bradley Ball took this picture of Bill, Grant Fritchey and me.

Kilt Day

He went on to acknowledge the volunteers that make PASS possible.  This year's PASSion award went to Lori Edwards, who managed the Program Committee, and I worked with her on the Election Review Committee, and got to see first hand how hard she works for PASS. 

Bill then shared some basic information on the financial progress PASS has been making, and the growth of PASS through both the Summit and through other avenues such as SQL Saturday and Virtual Chapters.

The keynote speaker this morning is Quentin Clark from Microsoft. He first revisited Ted's goals from yesterday's keynote. He identified the "Fantastic 12 of SQL Server 2012", including

  • Required 9s & Protection
  • Blazing Fast Performance
  • Rapid Data Exploration
  • Managed Self-Service BI
  • Credible, Consistent Data
  • Organizational Compliance
  • Peace of Mind
  • Scalable Data Warehousing
  • Fast Time to Solution
  • Extend Any Data, Anywhere
  • Optimized Productivity
  • Scale on Demand

Bob Erickson, Executive Vice President for Mediterranean Shipping Company, came out to talk about how the Always On Technology keeps his mission-critical processing going. Note - when you're doing demos the audience has to be able to see the details on the screen.  (Zoom-it is your friend.)

Quentin talked about Vertipaq and using the ColumnStore index to dramatically improve performance for BI applications.  He mentioned Power View & Power Pivot, and the improvements in accessibility of data through those tools.

Lara Rubbelke came out to show SharePoint and data warehouse reporting performance. She showed the creation and use of the ColumnStore index and how the Data Quality Services enhancements dramatically improved the quality and performance of queries behind critical reports.

They also showed the Parallel Data Warehouse appliance offerings from both Dell and from HP.  (Most of my experience has been in fairly small shops, so I've never seen a good business case for these offerings, but large companies appear to be excited about it.)

They've announced ODBC drivers for Linux, and Change Data Capture for both SSIS and Oracle. They've also added objects to the Beyond Relational space, including FileTable, 2D Spatial and Semantic Search. Michael Rys came out to show the Statistical Semantic Search (and he'd tweeted that he was not going to use any Excel in his demos!)  His demo was interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing business use cases for Semantic Search. It really looked like an interesting tool to use.

Nicholas Dritsas came out to show a good integration between SQL Server and SQL Azure. Yesterday I attended a session with Buck Woody and Kevin Kline on using Azure to scale corporate applications, and it's making more and more sense.  It appears they've made significant progress in adding the capabilities to SQL Azure to match the technical capabilities already existing in the standard relational platform. He was followed by Cihan Biyikoglu to show the elastic scaling capabilities of SQL Azure federations.  OK, the dependency walker (and the new execution plan view) in the management console looks really interesting.

Keynotes are by design marketing oriented, and it's impractical to get into any real detail in a forum like this. Reports and graphs seem to be the tools they use to excite people but I'd like better examples.

OK, time to head to my session room and prepare for my session.



Published Thursday, October 13, 2011 11:57 AM by AllenMWhite
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