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Allen White

T-SQL Tuesday #014:I Hereby Resolve

T-SQL TuesdayIt's another T-SQL Tuesday!

Like many others, I really don't make New Year's Resolutions. They're too easy to forget about and it's too easy to "justify" why it just wasn't practical (and sometimes it's true.) That said, there are some things I'm working on changing for this year.

  • Last year was the first full year for my new business venture, and it has been successful so far. I'm confident it's going to continue on this path, and we'll be doing even better this time next year. With that success came some bumps, some losses if you will, some things that didn't go as I'd planned. I hope to adjust and smooth those bumps.
  • I'd planned to finish my book last year. Life kept getting in the way and it didn't get done. I've started working on it again and will get it done this spring.
  • My blogging has dropped way off. Steve Jones (Blog|Twitter) tells me every time we see each other I need to write more. I'm working on getting back to it. It's important. I'm learning a lot while on my consulting engagements and need to share some of the really cool stuff I'm doing, but the work still needs to be done.
  • The user group I lead (Ohio North SQL Server Users Group) is going through some changes and some controversy. I really don't like controversy, but to get the group to where it needs to be I have to stand up to some people who are using it selfishly. This will get done. Soon.
  • My wife and I have been married for 30 years, and as such, she understands. Sometimes too much. I need to spend more time with her.
  • I've let my certifications lapse, never having taken the SQL 2008 update tests. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) I really do need to keep them up-to-date, and with a new version coming out perhaps late this year I should get myself current.
  • My focus has been almost exclusively PowerShell for the last few years, at least in terms of my writing and speaking. There are some really cool things I've been doing in other areas and I need to broaden my writing and speaking to include those technologies. (Let's see if my sessions get accepted.)
  • The house REALLY needs some work. We built it new in 1992, and it's time we replaced some carpet and such. (New carpet was spec'd out Sunday, need to keep going.)

I'm going to look back on this list to see how I'm doing with it. Thanks, Jen for a great topic.


Published Tuesday, January 11, 2011 10:48 AM by AllenMWhite



smisner said:

I like your title! I hadn't read this when I sat down to write my post, and had to chuckle when I saw yours. It must be true what they say - great minds think alike!

January 11, 2011 2:58 PM
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Allen White is a consultant and mentor for Upsearch Technology Services in Northeast Ohio. He has worked as a Database Administrator, Architect and Developer for over 30 years, supporting both the Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server platforms over that period.

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