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Allen White

Lots of Speaking Engagements Coming Up

SQL Saturday - Columbus, OH, June 26, 2010

I'll be presenting two sessions this Saturday (June 26, 2010) in Columbus, OH - XQuery Basics and Gather SQL Server Performance Data with PowerShell. The event takes place at Goodwill Columbus, 1331 Edgehill Rd, Columbus, OH. In the XQuery session I'll give an introduction to XQuery and show how easy it is to examine XML data in SQL Server, and will show how to extract data from devices like GPS receivers. In the Performance session I'll show how to build a PowerShell script to collect performance data for your SQL Server systems and build reports to monitor those servers. For more information please visit or email us at

SQL Connections - Las Vegas, November 2-4, 2010

As part of the track, I'll be presenting two sessions at SQL Connections at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. The sessions are Manage SQL Server System and Performance Data with PowerShell and Automating Policy-Based Management using PowerShell, and I'd love to see you there. The first session will cover setting up your DBA management database, including your server inventory and your performance data for each server, so you can report real metrics to your management team, and diagnose problems quickly. The second session is focused on ways you can use PowerShell to set up Policy-Based Management on SQL Server and regularly schedule checks to ensure your systems are complying with the policies. More information at SQL Server Connections.

2010 PASS Summit - Seattle, November 7-12, 2010

I'm honored to have been selected this year for both a pre/post-conference session and a Spotlight session. The pre/post-con session is Use PowerShell to Get the Most out of SQL Server, and the Spotlight session will be Automate SQL Server Administration with PowerShell. PowerShell is finally gaining acceptance in the industry, and administrators are really finding how efficient they can be by scripting their frequently run tasks. The pre/post-con session is a "soup-to-nuts" look at PowerShell and how to use it to work with SQL Server. The Spotlight session will specifically walk through scripts to automate the things that you need to do regularly, or those things you do once, when you set up a server, and don't want to have to remember which switch setting you used the last time you set up a server. You can find out more and register for the conference at 2010 PASS Summit.


Published Wednesday, June 23, 2010 11:25 AM by AllenMWhite


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Allen White is a consultant and mentor for Upsearch Technology Services in Northeast Ohio. He has worked as a Database Administrator, Architect and Developer for over 30 years, supporting both the Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server platforms over that period.

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