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Alexander Kuznetsov

Repro scripts and more info for my presentation on concurrency

Yesterday I delivered a session named "Developing T-SQL to survive concurrency" at East Iowa SQL Saturday. Thanks to everyone who attended, and thanks to Michelle Ufford, Chris Leonard, Ed Leighton-Dick, and other volunteers, who organized the event.

As promised, here are the links with more information and more repro scripts, more or less in the order following the order of the presentation.


Selects under READ COMMITTED and REPEATABLE READ may return incorrect results.


Reproducing deadlocks involving only one table


Reproducing deadlocks involving only one table


Retrying after deadlocks leads to lost updates


Patterns that do not work as expected.


Developing Modifications that Survive Concurrency


And, finally, Erland Sommarskog's article Arrays and lists in SQL


Published Sunday, September 19, 2010 2:10 PM by Alexander Kuznetsov


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