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Alexander Kuznetsov

We need an OLAP function for string concatenation

String concatenation in SQL is frequently discussed on newsgroups and blogs.

Adam Machanic recently posted a competition in string concatenation

, which was followed by

Paul Nielsen's post

There were several suggestions on Connect to implement it, such as:


SQL needs version of MySQL group_Concat function


concatenate aggregation function


However, I decided to create my own suggestion, because I think that OLAP syntax is very explicit and clear, so let us stick to it. Also when you need concatenation, you need to specify a separator as well as an order in which to concatenate, which was not addressed in the previous suggestions.

Here is my suggestion.


There is one thing I do not have a strong opinion on: what should we do if one of the strings being concatenated contains a separator. For instance, if you requested a comma-separated list, and one of your strings already contains a comma. What should you do?


Published Sunday, March 29, 2009 1:27 PM by Alexander Kuznetsov


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