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Alberto Ferrari

PASS Summit 2011: good time for a chat on DAX?

This year I and Marco Russo will host a Birds of a Feather lunch about “DAX, Vertipaq and BISM Tabular” during PASS Summit in Seattle.

If you want to spend some time speaking about DAX, the new Vertipaq engine of just have a good chat in front of some food to give a face to a name, just come there and sit down. The BOF lunch will be on Friday, there is a bunch of tables to choose from, as you can see in the complete list. Social networking is one of the main reasons to go to a conference, thus, don’t be shy, come to meet us in person: we’ll be really happy to share some time with you and provide a demonstration of true “Spaghetti English”.

Published Tuesday, October 4, 2011 11:09 AM by AlbertoFerrari


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Alberto Ferrari is a Business Intelligence consultant. He his interests lie in two main areas: BI development lifecycle methodologies and performance tuning of ETL and SQL code. His main activities are with SSIS and SSAS for the banking, manufacturing and statistical sectors. He is also a speaker in international conferences like European PASS Conference and PASS Summit.
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